The Mummy Of Mulberry Avenue By Susan Kassabian (Book Review)

I have always been fascinated with Egypt. I remember in school we decorated a whole wall with hieroglyphs and Egyptian gods. We even got taken to an Egyptian museum to learn more about mummification and how they built the pyramids. Not to mention the curses and rituals they used to perform on the undead. Horrific and disturbing, yet such intriguing stuff. Spooked yet? Read on dear reader for I have the book for you this week, a mysterious and magical tale. Behold The Mummy Of Mulberry Avenue By Susan Kassabian.


Have you ever done something that you REALLY wish you hadn’t…?
When Katie decides to mummify her dead, pet goldfish she has no idea what she has started. For then there is a theft …and an ancient and malevolent power is unwittingly unleashed to hunt down her brother, Josh.
Can Katie, Josh and Andy discover an antidote before it is too late? And why is it so vital to find the writer of the mysterious book..?

A big thank you to Susan Kassabian for sending me a copy of her prize-winning debut novel The Mummy Of Mulberry Avenue. I was fist introduced to Kassabian’s work with her collection of poems, Poems For Children. A witty and nostalgic selection of poems about childhood. A delightfully fun read that I highly recommend. So as soon as I received a copy of Kassabian’s first novel I couldn’t wait to go on a brand new and exciting but dangerous adventure. Are you ready? Grab your backpack and let’s go!


‘Only it wasn’t a coil of rope. The warm, smooth, undulating thing was alive. It wound itself in swift, sinuous curves around his throat and chest and began to crush the breath out of his lungs.’

A delicious mixture of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton I was captivated by every page. Kassabian has a natural creative style that not only gives you goosebumps but makes you want to read on. Kassabian teases the reader with cliffhanger moments and suspense throughout the novel forcing you to continue to the very end. The good tell sign of a book is when you choose to read over sleep. And if you have kids, this is a big sacrifice.

‘What’s excavating?’ said Katie, revived by the refreshments. ‘And please may I have another piece of cake?’

Kassabian uses a good choice of characters. Brothers Andy and Josh with their sister Katie join a retired archaeologist, Dame Lobelia in the quest to undo the curse. It’s always a pleasure to follow a mixed bag of characters in a novel. I found Katie very relatable as she has a habit of trying to extend her vocabulary. Asking her brothers and Dame Lobelia what words mean when she hears them in passing. It made me smile and not feel as silly, that it isn’t just me that does this. Hooray! I would love to chat to Dame Lobelia about Egypt over a cup of tea and cake. She definitely seems like my kind of person. I absolutely love it when I envision myself in the story and being friends with the characters. Just pure bliss.

‘One blackened, bony finger protruded where the bandages had come away. It seemed to point at her, accusingly.’

The imagery made my spine shiver and I found myself itching like Josh in certain parts. It was brilliant! I was captivated and scared for these characters as unspeakable creatures taunted them by throwing bookcases against the wall and trying to strangle them with clothes. This book danced with my imagination so much so that when I did fall asleep I had to have the light on for a bit. You know, just in case my clothes decided to try to smother me during the night. That combined with the eerie silence in the dead of night can really play on your mind. Is that the tap dripping? Where is that scratching coming from? Was that footsteps? My imagination runs away with itself hiding under the bed with snacks until morning so then I know I’m safe.

I give The Mummy Of Mulberry Avenue By Susan Kassabian a Five out of Five paw rating.

If you too want to go on this spooky and haunting adventure, grab a copy here.

The fabulous people at Romo Press are giving my readers an exclusive offer. You are offered the chance to get your own copy of The Mummy Of Mulberry Avenue FOR FREE! How awesome is that dear readers?! All you have to do is leave a review of Poems For Children on Amazon. Simple and a free book! What more could you ask for! Links below!

Poems for Children

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Susan Kassabian


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I am off to the library to uncover hidden tombs and ancient curses. Just hope I don’t accidentally release an evil spirit. I will be careful, I promise.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle.

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