Larwock By Sam Zadgan Book Review

There are unspeakable forces in this world that we know we shouldn’t mess with. The strange and the unknown terrifies us. Say you were to discover an old tattered leather-bound book containing a strange disturbing language. What would you do? Open it? Sell it on eBay? I can guarantee most of you will pick the former over the latter. We can’t help it, it’s our natural human instinct. Do we listen to that little voice inside our head telling us to leave well alone? Nope! We open that baby up and release all hell on earth simply because we were being too nosey. We are only human after all, can you blame us?


If you are (like I was) intrigued by witches, cults and the unexplained then read on dear reader for I have the book for you. This week I am reviewing Larwock By Sam Zadgan. Step into the haunting town of Larwock and prepare yourself to witness things you only dared see in your nightmares. Ready? Here we go, watch your step and keep a look-out for anything out of the ordinary. Ignore that rustling sound coming from the brush to your right that’s only a…oh…let’s do a fast walk…RUN!


“Some places exist and don’t exist all at the same time.” This is Larwock, a town of nightmares, straddling the lines of fantasy and reality.

When ancient sorcery meets evil intent, a coven of witches are forced out into the woods and there they make their new home. A hellish place, protected by old gods, enticing unsuspecting travellers into their unworldly demise.

Only those who share a lineage with the original town-folk are aware of its existence. However, none know of its location, and the mysterious town and its blasphemous inhabitants are allowed to carry on their wicked ways through the ages.

It takes a lot these days for a book to really, really grab me and get me stuck in between the pages of the author’s world. Not just because I am a mother to two boys (time is extremely precious and rare) but because I have a thirst for good writing and story telling. From the first page I was hooked and enjoyed every moment. I found myself turning the pages in quick success, needing to know what happened next. As the events unfolded in front of my eyes I was transfixed and caught in a spell. The suspense and tension were in thick supply. The eerie creepiness of the town and it’s people kept pulling me in, wiling me to learn and understand. I was paralysed and could only continue on hoping for answers, never knowing what was coming next. It gave me chills and I loved it every minute of it.

Then the doorknob violently shook from one direction to the other. There was another haunting scream from the demonic parade outside.

The pace of  Larwock fits perfectly with the flow of the story. From the history of the town and it’s people. To the red-haired woman’s past and the present generations future. It all slotted into place and I felt the sudden urge to help Shannon save Stewart’s life. I felt a part of the story and the heavy burden on my shoulders to help destroy the evil that had long reigned. “Bring it” I kept shouting out and scaring the cat. For every defeat the characters faced made me more annoyed and angry at the evil conspiring against us. I was determined to not let it win. Books that get me that worked up is always a good sign. It’s doing its job brilliantly and I have to take a step back to applaud its genius. *Claps*

“They don’t just kill; they eat the descendant. It’s a cannibalistic ritual!”

Zadgan’s use of imagery is horrifically beautiful. I had these terrifying images etched in my mind, wanting to desperately forget them but shamefully wanting to read more. The description of the statues in the church was so raw and vivid that I could physically reach out and touch them. A good balance of showing the reader what is happening and yet still allowing them to be left alone with their imagination.

The hair on the body and legs seemed like real goat hair to the touch, fresh and new as if living veins and organs were operating underneath.

My only criticism is I wish this book was longer. The ending had me screaming out a dramatic “NOOOOO!” I plead to the author if you have any intentions in penning a sequel, please let me know because I am dying to know what happens. But then again, maybe Zadgan did this on purpose. To leave it up to the reader’s own interpretations. An open-ended ending is full of possibilities. Exciting and annoying as I long for answers. That is the way of life though and fits in with the story. Sometimes we are just not meant to know what happens next, sometimes it’s better that we don’t. Doesn’t mean it won’t drive us crazy not knowing though…*twitches eye*



I give Larwock By Sam Zadgan a Four out of Five Paw rating.

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I was on tenterhooks on each page and gripped till the end. Please write another to satisfy my curiosity of what happens next…please?


Grab yourselves a copy here and welcome to Larwock, enjoy your stay dear readers…




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