I love working with writers and reviewing their work. Here are some testimonials from just a handful I have had the wonderful pleasure of reviewing.

Emma wrote one of the most thoughtful and beautiful reviews of my work. She had read it so carefully and with such openness that the review itself was a work of art. I’m still hoping to travel to Scotland and say thank you in person with a cup of tea or a glass of whiskey. A true book lover and appreciator.‘ – Leonora Meriel Author of The Woman Behind The Waterfall. 

Emma Mackay is a professional and honest reviewer. Her thoughtful and entertaining reviews are not only worth reading but also worth sharing.‘ – Jay Snelling (the http://www.strangebooks.com secretary)

I really enjoy Emma’s page. She has a variety of book interests and a penetrating understanding of writing and characters when it comes time for a review. She is able to pick up on things that others might gloss over and present unique insights. And she keeps it interesting. I am happy to be one of her followers.‘ – Richard Bell Author of Life Seemed Good, But…

I feel very fortunate to have had my work reviewed by Emma. She is unusually perceptive and her reviews are always entertaining and written with such exuberance! A very sensitive reviewer. I hope her blog and other creative endeavours go from strength to strength.‘ – Susan Kassabian Author of The Mummy of Mulberry Avenue and Poems for Children.

I reached out to Bunny’s Pause with the offer of sending a few of my newly published indie books for review. From mailing to review, there was a great line of communication established and I was confident that my books would be reviewed in a timely manner. Each review was composed with great care and detail and it was very apparent that she hadn’t just skimmed through my books and quickly churned out a few quick reviews. I could tell that she had given each book the time and attention I felt they deserved. Five out of five stars! I’d recommend Bunny’s Pause for anyone looking to get an honest and unbiased critical review of their work.‘- Jordan Toney Author of Pause/Silence/Laughter: and other plays.

When I heard that Emma had written the review and it had gone live, I didn’t have any idea really of what to expect and I was extremely nervous about finding out what she thought about my debut book.  This was to be my first piece written by a reviewer and a well respected one too.  I could tell that Emma hadn’t skipped any pages when she read the book, for one reason – she spoke about the main character as if it was someone she knew well.  I couldn’t believe just how much time Emma had spent thinking about and putting her review down…..for me.  Thank you Emma for all your precious time’.-Fay Henson Author of Tuscany.


I found Emma’s review of my book, Larwock, to be honest and enjoyable to read in its own right. She took the time to not only read but understand the kind impact I wanted the story to make on the reader which was quite insightful. Emma is doing a great service to writers and helping lesser known ones have a voice through her reviews, for that she should be commended.’-Sam Zadgan Author of Larwock.