Food Glorious Food!

As I sit here typing away and sipping my peppermint tea (I am practically living off the stuff URGH) I cast my mind back to the good old days. Days where I could pig away on anything I wanted without a care in the world. I could consume doughnut after doughnut with my only worry being of what it would do to my figure and NOT how much pain it would cause my insides. Never before have I had to be so careful of what I eat. It sickens me! I LOVE FOOD! I miss food, I miss eating like a normal human being! Someone please bring me a big quarter pounder with cheese! Please?

I have never been much of a health nut. Granted, I eat my good share of fruit and veg, heck I even love sprouts! But I have always had a sweet-tooth; it makes sense that I have to visit the dentist so much now. I can’t help but drool as I pass any bakery window. But now I have to sneak a quick glance as my eyes begin to well up at the sight of all that pastry calling to me like a mythological siren. If I even dared risking just taking one bite of delicious goodness it could cause me hours of excruciating pain. A tight unpleasant feeling takes a hold of my chest and refuses to leave. Since the C-Section my whole digestive system has been, to put it politely, not quite the same. Trapped wind is a daily fear, for it is dreadfully painful when it attacks, worse than labour and I’m not being dramatic. It can last for hours and make me cry out in pain. It is usually triggered if I eat the normal amount of food I would eat before the operation. My stomach can’t seem to handle it which forces me to eat much smaller portions and become obsessed with what sort of food I eat. Anything gassy will of course make it ten times worse. I keep bugging my ‘wise and all-knowing’ husband with the same questions “Does this have gas in it?” and his reply every single time “Most foods CAN cause gas”, like duh!

My GP advises me that it is something that in time will pass; it can take months to fully recover and to feel normal again. It’s a nightmare. I have been living off peppermint and fennel tea the past few weeks as it helps ease the pain. I wonder if my taste buds will ever know doughnut-y goodness ever again. I pray that with time my system will go back to normal, going through pregnancy and a C-Section does take some time for my organs to find their rightful places again. I just wish there was a button I could press that would make it instant.

I have been researching and looking online at forums and thankfully I am not alone in my quest for normality. It’s reassuring to know there are other sufferers out there who know exactly how it feels, thank God! I’m not imagining it and going crazy! Apart from moaning about it to my husband it’s a relieving feeling to have a whinge with fellow suffers and offer help and advice.

I am off to search for more Disney face swaps, yes I am that strange *smiles* I just can’t stop laughing at them…hehehehehehehehe


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