The Feb 14th A Day We All Love…

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! I hope you are all feeling loved on this mushy, pointless, overpriced holiday! A day to celebrate love, love, love, beautiful love. Yes, we get the point. All you need is love, love is all around us, we get it; stop shoving it in our faces already!

Like most people, I find this day a little tiring. I will wish my husband happy valentine’s day, maybe eat our favourite food if we can afford it but apart from that I think the whole thing is overdone. We don’t buy valentine’s cards for each other or heart-shaped chocolates because it doesn’t mean anything to us. My husband would rather buy me a dozen doughnuts than a dozen roses because he knows how much of a doughnut fiend I am, but he doesn’t need a day to tell him that. He will do it when he wants to.

We took a family trip into town today and we couldn’t get away from the heart-shaped EVERYTHING! Balloons, candy, and people harassing you to pay for a rose for that special loved one. I had to point out to my husband how crazy people were going in the card shop, rushing to buy a card and present because they had forgotten. There’s so much pressure on people to show gestures of their love to each other, we expect too much and don’t appreciate what we have. When does a heart-shaped balloon say how much we love someone? Shouldn’t it be every day? Being there through the good and bad times?  Love should not be merchandised. Love is personal, emotional, unique, it is not a scary love bug that creepily says “I love you” When you pull its tail. Is there something so wrong with just carrying on as normal in a couple on Valentine’s Day? My husband and I express our love to each other every single day, we know how we feel about each other, and we don’t need a fancy card telling us how we should feel.

I don’t mean to rant (we all love a good moan) but I just find this day pointless (and I haven’t even mentioned that nobody seems to celebrate the day’s “true” meaning…A celebration of Saint Valentine…). Why should people who have not found love be made to feel suicidal? We all know what it feels like to be single; we have all been there at one point or another in our lifetime.  A day to make single people feel like utter crap is just cruel. When I was single I tended to make sure I was busy on Valentine’s Day, ether hanging with friends or watching a bloody horror film.

Overall it’s just another day for retailers to make money and for us to waste it. Another holiday where the fat cats can cash in and attempt to make us pay to feel an emotion that we should never have to pay for. Oh life. You are a silly thing at times.

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