The Smallest Man By Frances Quinn Review (Random Things Tours)

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Today dear reader I am on the blog tour for The Smallest Man (Published 7th January 2021) By Frances Quinn. A big thank you to the publishers Simon & Schuster for my copy to review, always appreciated. Also to the wonderful Anne for the invite, always a pleasure to take part in your blog tours. Thank-you.  


The Smallest Man

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The smallest man. The biggest heart. The mightiest story. A compelling story, perfect for fans of The Doll Factory and The Familiars.

Nat Davy longs to grow tall and strong and be like other boys, but at the age of ten, he’s confronted with the truth; he’s different, and the day when the stares and whispers stop is never going to come.

Narrowly escaping life in a freak show, he’s plucked from his family and presented as a gift to the new young queen of England – a human pet to add to her menagerie of dogs and monkeys. But when Nat realises she’s as lost and lonely as he is, the two misfits begin an unlikely friendship – one that takes him on an unforgettable journey, as England slides into the civil war that will tear it apart and ultimately lead the people to kill their king.

Inspired by a true story, and spanning two decades that changed England for ever, The Smallest Man is narrated by an irrepressible hero with his own unique perspective on life. His story is about being different, but not letting it hold you back. About being brave enough to take a chance, even if the odds aren’t good. And about how, when everything else is falling apart, true friendship holds people together.


About The Author

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Frances Quinn read English at King’s College, Cambridge, and is a journalist and copywriter. She has written for magazines including Prima, Good Housekeeping, She, Woman’s Weekly and Ideal Home. She lives in Brighton with her husband and two Tonkinese cats. The Smallest Man is her first novel. 


My Review

I was captivated by the blurb of this book, I felt pulled, compelled to read such a fascinating story and boy was I not disappointed dear reader. The year is 1625 and our narrator Nat Davy is 10 years old. He lives in the small village of Oakham with his parents and younger brother and sister. They are poor but he has had a happy upbringing, however Nat is slowly realising he can no longer hide from the truth. He is small, smaller than most boys of his age and has stopped growing. The people of the village whisper of him being cursed whenever they see him and avoid him whenever possible. Yet Nat still holds on to hope that one day he will grow and can climb the trees like other boys. When the fair arrives in town Nat hears talks of a fairy and begs his brother Sam to take him to see her in order to grant him a wish. To be big. However upon realising the truth and escaping the clutches of life in a freak show his father deems him useless and instead sells him to a Duke. Despite Nat’s mother’s pleas he is taken to London and presented in a pie to the new young Queen of England. Thrust into a different way of life and dressed up as a doll Nat makes up his mind to do the best with the life that has been handed to him, worried he won’t be of any use and ending up caged like the poor fairy. He slowly forms a strong friendship with the lost and lonely Queen who understands his longing for home. With the threat of civil war at the castle gates tearing the country apart, Nat embarks on a remarkable journey. One that will not only change him but throws him straight into the enemy’s territory, risking his life for loyalty and the true friendships he holds close to his heart.  

I LOVED every second of this book, I could not sleep until I had finished reading Nat’s journey. He has a charming, engaging way of telling his story. He speaks honestly and makes you smile with his innocent ways, you can’t help but love him. He has a strong, stubborn desire to prove to everyone that his size doesn’t define him. As he often reminds himself of his mother’s words “ You’re small on the outside. But inside you’re as big as everyone else.” and the haunting sound of the coins clicking in his fathers hand as he walked away, he is of use and will prove his worth. There were so many moments when I was continuously cheering Nat on, telling him to prove them all wrong. He shows extraordinary bravery throughout and never lets anything hold him back. It’s inspiring to read, my face was aching from smiling at every triumphant accomplishment of his. 

There were also moments I found my heart in my mouth at the amount of danger that Nat stumbles into. I was scared for his life as you become quite attached to him. He showed a huge amount of bravery and risked everything even when the odds weren’t in his favour. Tears were shed at his misfortunes and it felt an honour to follow his journey. 

The Smallest Man By Frances Quinn a Five out of Five paw rating

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This is a story about the strength and bravery it takes to be different and never letting it hold you back. To have the courage to take a chance, and how true friendship and love hold people together when the world is falling apart around you. Love, love, LOVED IT!


Don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour, dates below, enjoy! 

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