Chessington Zoo : Cabbit’s First Birthday

Well, his birthday is on the 15th but we wanted to give him an early birthday present so we headed ourselves over to the magical place that is Chessington Zoo.

I have never been to Chessington Zoo before so was excited to see what it had in store for us as I have grown up in Devon where I have been surrounded by Zoos and wildlife.

As we arrived we were glad we had wrapped up extra warm as it was deathly chilly. We headed towards the entrance (As you do) and set about making our way around the park. Despite the cold weather, it was a rather enjoyable experience. Cabbit has been to a few Zoos before and always enjoys making friends with the animals while pulling silly faces and noises. His favourite part at Chessington Zoo was the Sea Life experience. He loved watching the stingrays bob up and say hello, along with the underwater tunnel where he was fascinated at all the sea life swimming above his head and all around him. As a baby, he just loves to reach out and try to touch everything while absorbing as much information as possible. It amazes me how much he takes in with a blink of an eye. He still keeps on surprising me everyday and I am sure he will continue to for a lifetime.

Overall a rather enjoyable experience and fun-filled day. Only negative things I would mention is the lack of use of buggies in areas like the sea life experience, I really do hate leaving the buggy outside in those buggy park areas. Just hate it. Also there isn’t much to do after you look around at the animals, maybe a few more attractions or a soft play area would be useful, somewhere to hide when the winter’s icy breath decides to descend on us all.

Fancy watching a bit of our adventure from today? Check out my vlog below. I am off to warm myself up with a nice cup of tea and snuggle under the duvet with the hubby while we play Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, really good game but I do wish Watson would stop walking into me!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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