Packing the hospital bag (37 Weeks)

Any time now I could POP!!! Standing by on red alert 24/7! Every time I get a sharp pain I think “Oh god is this it?” It’s exhausting not knowing when it’s going to happen, it could be while I’m in the bath or out doing the food shopping. Anytime, anywhere! I just really hope that when it does Rob is there. I would hate to have the whole phone conversation of me screaming down the phone for him to drag his butt back from university and to the hospital.

So what do I pack in the all important hospital bag? My dignity? A pain-free labour pill that doesn’t exist? It’s hard to think what I will need when I have no idea how labour is going to take me. I have read tons and tons of lists of what to take but still feel completely unprepared. I have all the essentials such as comfy pyjamas, water bottle, plus some extras that I think will help me personally such as music. I keep unpacking and re-packing to make sure I have EVERYTHING I need, I keep doing it to Cabbits hospital bag as well. He has a cute little polar bear snowsuit to travel home in. Yes, I am going to dress him up all cute for as long as I can *sticks out tongue* I wont be able to help myself, things like Totoro and panda outfits!

It feels so strange to think that the whole pregnancy process will soon be over. Good in a way as I cant wait to meet baby Rob but strange as I have only just adjusted to pregnant life. It’s going to feel odd not having him kicking me in the bladder and making me feel like an extra in Alien.

I’m also still in two minds whether to have a water birth. I have all this time to think and research but I still feel completely dazed about what I want. We have a birthing plan with all the possibilities but again I have no idea how I will feel when it actually happens. It’s all well and good me talking about it and saying I would like this and that but when the time comes I may be screaming for an epidural. Best to be prepared I know and we are, just keeping our options open. A wise thing to do.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and ate far too much than your little stomachs could hold. Bring on the New Year! I’m going to be a MUM!

About Bunny's Pause

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