Like you know whatever (Week 20)

The other day I witnessed something so scary it can only be described as an abomination. Are you ready for it? It’s pretty horrifying; you may want to sit down for this. Oh you’re already sitting? Then don’t worry.  Right, prepare yourself. The other day I saw a young girl about five years old wearing bright blue fake nails on a date! I know it’s terrifying it makes me want to jump into a spaceship and fly away from this planet. Oh, you think I’m overreacting? Well you weren’t there man, you weren’t there! I felt like my eyes were being slowly gouged out, ironically by the bright blue fake nails.

It got me thinking about my own childhood, as a child I was innocent and had no worries about the world I lived in. I could go about my day doing whatever I wanted, reading, building a fort in the garden or talking to the cats next door seeing if they knew the way to Narnia. All in all I was a child, a little kid who wanted to spend my days making mud pies and getting freckles from the sun. I never wanted to rush to grow up; I loved my childhood too much.

Has there been such a dramatic shift between generations that suddenly children from the young age of five are carrying around designer handbags and going on dates? I didn’t go on my first proper date till I was at least a teenager. And the way they talk, is it just me or does it sound so incredibly fake and dull, a feeble attempt at precociousness that sounds like a drone, like scraping glass against your ear. They use words like, “Whatever” and insert the word “Like” after every single word. It drives me insane.

Why do kids these days want to grow up so fast? Don’t they know the best years of life are when you’re a child, carefree with no responsibilities? It’s such a shame that the youth today has gone downhill. Nothing is innocent anymore. Children want to dress their teddy bears up like Paris Hilton and have the latest iPhone. My head wishes to explode at this point as I find myself asking what has happed to the kids of yesterday. When did having a childhood become uncool?

I have to stop myself before I start throwing my laptop out of the window in a rage. I know I will do all I can to make sure my unborn child has a childhood and isn’t forced to grow up before her/his time because it’s the latest trend. I wonder if there are any undiscovered planets out there that let children have their rightful earned childhoods.

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