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Just an ordinary Sunday

Hello dear readers, I hope you are all doing ok and are feeling fabulous in your bikinis/swimwear while drinking cocktails by the pool and soaking up this beautiful weather. When I say cocktail I of course mean cup of tea … Continue reading

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It is hot isn’t it?

It wouldn’t be very British of us if we didn’t mention the weather in daily conversation. We Brits love a good old moan or natter about our ever-changing heat and humidity throughout the year.  We are a nation proud to … Continue reading

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Under The Weather

Urghhh I really, really, REALLY hate being ill! There’s nothing worse than dragging your zombie-self around this gloomy world trying to resemble some sort of humanity while coughing and blowing your snotty noise. Apologies for too much information but I feel … Continue reading

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I am so sick of all of this hot weather! It’s driving me insane! Each time I step outside I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West. I drown in a pool of my own sweat and long to … Continue reading

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