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Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice (Review)

Happy Valentine’s Day! May this joyful, overpriced, ridiculously high expectations day bring you lovey-dovey statuses and photos of cheap tat that will be in the bin before the Easter bunny comes hopping by. A day dedicated to showering that special … Continue reading

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Say NO To Valentine’s Day

Did I read that right? You may be wondering. What on earth is this crazy (but cute *wink*) Bunny going on about? Well my dear lovely readers allow me to explain a little. Pull up a chair and I shall … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Survival Guide-Alien Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day! Me and my husband ate pizza and played Alien Isolation and Call Of Duty with our dear friend Sheldon! This is how we roll! Incase you missed it, here … Continue reading

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The Feb 14th A Day We All Love…

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! I hope you are all feeling loved on this mushy, pointless, overpriced holiday! A day to celebrate love, love, love, beautiful love. Yes, we get the point. All you need is love, love is … Continue reading

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