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My Recent Hospital Trip…Yay…(Week 17)

Wow, this weather is scorching. Within seconds of stepping out into our back garden barefoot, I could feel my whole body burst into flames. And not that beautiful mythical image of a Phoenix bursting into flames before rising from the … Continue reading

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Why does pregnancy make me feel like I have aged a thousand years? (33 Weeks)

The simplest task, such as putting my Dr Martens on has become back-breaking work. What used to take seconds is now a five-minute battle for the will to endure the pain that strikes at my bump. After each boot is … Continue reading

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Oh The Pain, The PAIN!

I would love to say that I was rudely awoken this morning by the kids in the street playing some weird version of Harry Potter; they were shouting “Expelliarmus!” at each other and then straight after, “Potato!” (This just made … Continue reading

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