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My Recent Hospital Trip…Yay…(Week 17)

Wow, this weather is scorching. Within seconds of stepping out into our back garden barefoot, I could feel my whole body burst into flames. And not that beautiful mythical image of a Phoenix bursting into flames before rising from the … Continue reading

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No rest for the wicked…no wait…no rest for Mum and Dad!

As I type this I can still hear the echoes in my ear of our son’s frustrated cries. It feels like he has been crying for an eternity, literally. It is driving my husband and I mad! All we want … Continue reading

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It’s a BOY! A BOY! OH BOY OH BOY! (21 Weeks)

There’s a precious frozen moment in every parent’s life where they finally found out the gender of their baby. We had our second scan the other day and could not wait to find out if we were having a boy … Continue reading

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Will I ‘Lose Myself’ By Becoming A Mother?

(This week I am in Devon, my hometown, for the week. So I apologize if posts are late or little. I will do my best, fellow followers. ) We spend most of our lives trying to figure out who we … Continue reading

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Pink For A Girl? Blue For A Boy?

Like most new mums to be, I cannot wait to find out the sex of my baby. However, I refuse to be one of those mums that go mad with gender specific items. What I mean by this is I … Continue reading

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In A Heartbeat

As I got on the bus today with Rob to go to our 16 week midwife appointment, I noticed something that made me laugh. We were sat at the top, right at the back and in front of me there … Continue reading

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