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Croc On A Rock (Day 5) Life Finds A Way

Arghhhhhhhhhhh RUN! Run for your lives! DINOSAUR! This is pretty much how I woke up our two boys this morning. Normally our alarm clock is the ear-piercing screams of a banshee coming though the baby monitor. But not today! Today was … Continue reading

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Are you actively seeking work or just sitting on your butt all day stuffing your face with my hard earned tax money?

Oh what a day I have had. Since my past two failed attempts at Jobseekers I decided that three’s a charm. I thought that since I have moved, maybe the new jobcentre will be more helpful and understanding of my situation. [Insert … Continue reading

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RAWR I’m A Dinosaur!!!

Yesterday, my Dad, Rob and I had the privilege to visit Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. As a child I was taken to Combe Martin often and loved the wildlife and dinosaurs. On the way home in the car … Continue reading

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