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Upperdown By David Brennan (Review)

It’s funny, don’t you think? How certain fairy tales and fables that are told to young children are actually quite horrific. You can’t escape the dangers and gruesome reality of the world we inhabit. So whatever you do dear reader, … Continue reading

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The Anchor Around My Neck

It’s hard to explain this feeling of…doubt?…Fear?…Sadness? something superior to hatred yet not as tainted It’s hard to explain words choke my throat, begging me not to speak not to let others know about this anchor around my neck It’s … Continue reading

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When the sun runs away-Winter Poem

Feet hang out from the covers toes twitching they suspect winter has come with his sharp cold hands and steel iced tongue he licks them with greed and watches them retreat, into hibernation the world becomes a darker place now … Continue reading

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