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Say NO To Valentine’s Day

Did I read that right? You may be wondering. What on earth is this crazy (but cute *wink*) Bunny going on about? Well my dear lovely readers allow me to explain a little. Pull up a chair and I shall … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy By Helen Fielding-Book Review

When news reached my bunny lop ears that there was going to be a new Bridget Jones book out, I was more than ecstatic. I am an enormous Bridgett Jones fan! Like most women, I feel I can relate to … Continue reading

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Falling in love is like having another slice of that triple chocolate cake, you just can’t help yourself.

Love, oh love. For years and years you have never called at my door with flowers and chocolates, or sent me Valentine cards bursting with poems of your undying affection for me. Nope, love did not like me at all … Continue reading

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My December Must Haves

The cold is upon us and like big fluffy bears all we want to do is hibernate in our warm cosy duvet until spring. The days are getting darker and there’s not much light to be seen, making us feel … Continue reading

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