Disobedient Women By Sangeeta Mulay Review (Fly On The Wall Press Blog Tours)

Today dear readers I am on the blog tour for Disobedient Women (Published 25 Nov. 2022) By Sangeeta Mulay. A big thank you to the publishers Fly On The Wall Press for sending me a copy to read and review, always appreciated.  

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Disobedient Women


Set in contemporary India, Sangeeta Mulay’s unforgettable debut novel is a compelling story of four unforgettable characters:

Aparna – a courageous campaigner of rationality and freedom of expression. Will the patriarchal grip of a religious society manage to silence her?

Hari – the passionate founder of a religious organisation. As Hari becomes a rising star for the local Hindu right-wing, will he lose himself?

Naseem – Aparna’s wise daughter who is discovering her sexuality. Will she have the strength to stand up for her mother against societal stigma?

Kashi – Hari’s daughter who is in love with science and…girls? Confused about her sexuality, will she be able to lead life on her own terms?

Confronting issues of religion, bigotry, sex and politics, Disobedient Women tells the interwoven stories of two families and their battle of ideologies. A novel of the choices women make under pressure, where to be disobedient is the only option that offers change.

About the Author

About the writer Sangeeta Mulay was born in Pune in India and now currently works in London as a UX writer. She received an honourable mention in the 2021 NYC midnight micro-fiction challenge. Her book for young adults, ‘Savitribai Phule and I’ was a notable book of 2020 for The Bombay Review. She has also had a short story highly commended in the Sydney Hammond short story competition. Another of Mulay’s short stories will be published in a 2022 Fox and Windmill anthology.


The reader finds themselves in contemporary India where Aparna Soman is an anti-superstition campaigner, promoting rationality under the patriarchal grip of a religious society that seeks to silence her. She will stop at nothing to get her voice heard. In contrast to Aparna the reader also follows Hari Sabnis, the founder of religious organisation Dharma Sanstha. Their goal is to convert India from secular to Hindu nation. But when Hari starts to become a rising star for the local religious right-wing can he trust his feelings or will he lose himself and forget the real fight he’s fighting for?

It was fascinating to read parallel lives and beliefs, to see two sides of the story. It added an extra depth and brought a wholeness to the narrative. Two families with two different views. Both Aparna and Hari share one similarity in the fact that they both have daughters. Naseem is wise at 18 years old and is only just discovering who she is. She loves her family and is in awe of her mother Aparna and how she fights strongly for her voice to be heard. But she is struggling to stand up for her and is still trying to understand her own sexuality. Kashi loves science and girls but with her father being Hari this places her in an unfortunate situation. She is confused and wants to live her life her way but is trapped with the brutal force of opposing opinions and views saying what she desires is wrong.

Aparna was inspiring to read, she is stubborn and determined to stand up for what she believes in. I found her a force to be reckoned with, one that is needed more in these times of change. She worries where will women go for help if they can’t trust their local police, who will stand up for them when making a sexual harassment complaint against a Godman. It takes great courage to stand up in a world where you are not seen as an equal and a mere tool for procreation. But someone has to say and do something.

I found Mulay’s writing about modern day Hindu vs Muslim culture clashes in India incredibly brave. It is a sensitive topic to discuss that most will shy away from but Mulay has served it more than justice. It needs to be talked about, to keep being talked about, how else will anyone learn and grow? Women are being forced to make choices under pressure and are seen as disobedient if they want change. It needs to be talked about and not dismissed. Things needs to change.

I give Disobedient Women By Sangeeta Mulay a Five out of Five paw rating

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Strong and empowering to all women, I highly recommend this book to everyone. You NEED to read this dear reader.

Don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour, dates below, enjoy!

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