Finn and Fred’s Arctic Adventure By Jocelyn Porter Review (Rachel’s Random Resources)

Today dear readers I am on the blog tour for Finn and Fred’s Arctic Adventure (Published By Full Media Ltd 24th Nov. 2021) By Jocelyn Porter and illustrated By Leo Brown. A big thank you to the publishers for a copy to read and review, always appreciated. Also to Rachel for the invite to take part in the tour.      


Finn and Fred’s Arctic Adventure


“My bus takes off with a sonic boom, straight through the wall and out of my room…”

Finn and Fred Octopus are off on a magical adventure to the Arctic. They meet a kindly seal, a hungry polar bear and an angry walrus. The whales sing to Finn, and Finn arrives home with an important message to share…

In association with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Jocelyn Porter’s latest picture book is beautifully illustrated by the super-gifted artist Leo Brown, who has worked with everyone from Roald Dahl to Disney.

Aimed at children aged 3-8, this action-packed rhyming adventure will gently educate your child about protecting the oceans while entertaining them with terrific sea creatures – from seals and polar bears to narwhals and whales!

About The Author

Jocelyn’s writing career began when she was asked to write a story for a preschool magazine. That story was the first of many. Jocelyn became the writer/editor of several preschool magazines and continued in that role for 15 years. Writing one new story every month, plus rhymes and activities was a tough gig, but very exhilarating. Time is the big difference between writing for a magazine and writing a book. You see your work on the supermarket shelves within a few weeks of completion. A book takes longer – a lot longer. Jocelyn has to be patient now – not something she’s good at. Before becoming a writer, Jocelyn worked in higher education as International Students Officer. It was a rewarding and interesting job even though she was on call 24/7. Jocelyn also trained as a counsellor and volunteered at drop-in centres. She never knew who would arrive for counselling and had to be prepared for anything. This work gave her insight into some of the darker corners of life. Motor sport was one of Jocelyn’s early loves, she had the spine-tingling thrill of taking part in a 24-hour national rally as navigator – those were the days when rallies were held on public roads! Jocelyn worked as an au pair in Paris in her teens. Having visited the city on a school trip, she fell in love with it, and always wanted to return. Jocelyn’s first book published by Full Media is The King Who Didn’t Like Snow, illustrated by Michael S Kane. Her second, Finn and Fred’s Arctic Adventure, is a rhyming book illustrated by seasoned artist Leo Brown.

My Review

Under Finn’s bed he has a battered old suitcase. But this isn’t any ordinary suitcase dear reader. This is a magical suitcase that turns into a bus and flies through space. This is a secret only known to Finn and his toy friend Fred Octopus who comes to life when Finn holds him tight. Aimed at children aged 3-8, this picture book is packed full of adventure as Finn and Fred travel to the Arctic where they come across a very hungry polar bear, bump into an angry walrus and hear a powerful and important song by the whales. My boys couldn’t wait for story time when they saw we had a new adventure to go on.


We love the bold, colourful pictures that cover each page. We were fully immersed in the cold, crisp snowy landscape and could smell the sea air. My eldest loved the imagery of the polar bear chasing Finn and Fred with a knife and fork, he couldn’t stop giggling.

The story flowed beautifully with its lyrical rhyming narrative. We met many friendly animals on our journey who told us to be wary in the Artic as there are ferocious creatures all around. Before we knew it we were running for our lives from a hungry polar bear and angry walrus. Each page was filled with excitement and we couldn’t wait to see what else we would discover.


As we listened to the whales’ song about protecting the ocean, we talked about how we can do our part to look after the world we live in. I love books like this that encourage talks about looking after the environment and what the younger generations can do to help. We watched some documentaries on the Artic so they could see more of what it looks like and what type of animals live there. They were captivated and kept relating back to the story of how we must do our part to help protect the Artic. I was so proud! YAY!    

Not only does this book teach children about looking after the environment and how they can help protect the ocean by switching off lights and not using plastic. But 10% of the profit of the book will go to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. If you happen to be visiting the Sanctuary you can also purchase a copy and 100% of the sale will go directly to the Sanctuary. Isn’t that fantastic dear reader?


I give Finn and Fred’s Arctic Adventure By Jocelyn Porter a Five out of Five paw rating.

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A magical adventure that everyone will love! Full of colour and non-stop excitement this book will show your little ones how they can help protect the Artic ice. A new favourite story added to our shelf here in The Burrow.

Don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour, dates below, enjoy!



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