Elle’s A to Z of Love By Claire Huston (Review)  

Today dear readers I am reviewing Elle’s A To Z of Love (Published Goldcrest Books International Ltd 6 July 2021) By Claire Huston. A big thank you to the author for sending me a copy to read and review, always appreciated. I have also reviewed Huston’s first novel which you can read here, enjoy.   


Elle’s A to Z of Love


Elle’s A to Z of Love: a feel-good, modern love story about friends, family and home.

Haileybrook, a beautiful village in the peaceful Cotswolds countryside, is most people’s idea of heaven on earth. Born and raised in this small slice of paradise, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave. It should be easy, but every time she packs her bags for exotic adventures, old loves and loyalties pull her back.

Will Elle be forced to forget her dreams of far-flung places and epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?

An uplifting, romantic story about friends, family and the relationships that make a place a home.

About The Author

Claire Huston lives in Warwickshire, UK, with her husband and two children. She writes uplifting modern love stories about characters who are meant for each other but sometimes need a little help to realise it.

A keen amateur baker, she enjoys making cakes, biscuits and brownies almost as much as eating them. You can find recipes for all the cakes mentioned in Art and Soul at www.clairehuston.co.uk along with over 100 other recipes. This is also where she talks about and reviews books.

My Review

Told in five parts from the years 2015 to 2019 the story follows Elle around her birthday each year. The reader first meet her the day after she has celebrated her 23rd birthday. She is at university studying journalism and is dreaming of traveling the world as she’s never left the country. While she’s reading in the library one of her favourite books A Room With A View she is startled when a guy falls from a shelf that he climbed to reach a book. After a brief awkward exchange to see if he is ok, she learns he is studying Computer Science and he invites her to his friend’s party. However later that day one of her oldest friends, Toby from home rings her and tells her that The Cooper Curse has stuck again. His father, George Cooper is in hospital. The next thing she knows Elle is heading back to Haileybrook with her friend Serena. She has no way of contacting Mr. Computer Science guy and wonders if he only invited her because she’s friends with Serena who is popular on campus. But she has little time to worry as once she returns home she is faced with old memories and feelings she hoped would have faded with time. Once she wanted nothing more than to leave Haileybrook, pack her bags and explore the world. However things begin to get complicated in the form of Adam Fletcher. An old crush that still makes Elle go weak at the knees. Elle is faced with many difficult choices on her return, she is left standing at a crossroads, wary of which way to turn. Will she stay and be dutiful, putting her life and dreams on hold? Or will she take the risk, go for it and do what she’s always planned on doing? Be prepared dear reader for plenty of heartache and intense, emotional scenes. Tissues at the ready!

I fell in love with the pure beauty and charm of Haileybrook from the moment I stepped foot in the quaint, quiet village. The postcard views surrounded by fields of greens and yellow to the friendly residents offering advice and looking out for one another. It was a blissful escape and I was sad to leave. Huston writes rich, absorbing imagery that wraps you up and leaves you feeling all warm and cosy.

You can’t help but take a liking to Elle, she’s the kind, caring friend everyone needs in their life. Always thinking and putting others before herself, you want to give her a massive hug while gently pushing her on to a flight. She has dreams of traveling the world but every time the opportunity arises, something happens that stops her. You find yourself screaming at the page for her to go, run, be free as you want nothing more than the best for her. I came to think of her as a good friend by the end, a friend that needed that extra push but will always have your back.

I give Elle’s A to Z of Love By Claire Huston a Five out of Five paw rating


A picturesque, delightful and charming read, you will have your heart broken more than once during your stay at Haileybrook. I couldn’t get enough. It was a heavenly stay and I greedily wanted more.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a hopeless romantic (guilty) and needs to escape for a few hours. It’s a story about finding out what you honestly want in life and what really matters, family, friends and love. Oops forgot cake! Always cake dear readers. And maybe KitKats.



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  1. Thank you so much! And definitely to the KitKats (however you may eat them!). xx

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