The Conjurers Series By Brian Anderson Review (Random Things Tours)

Today dear reader I am the last spot on the blog tour for The Conjurers Series (Published By Crown Books) By Brian Anderson. There are two books so far in this series, The Conjurers Book One – Rise of the Shadow and The Conjurers Book Two – Hunt For The Lost. (The Conjurers Book Three – Fight of the Fallen the third book is to be published next year, 2022.)  

A big thank you to the author for sending me a copy to read and review, always appreciated. Also to the wonderful Anne for the invite, always a pleasure to work with.


The Conjurers Book One – Rise of the Shadow

thumbnail_Conjurers Rise of the Shadows Cover

Siblings Emma and Alex tumble into a secret world where magic is real and skilled illusionists can perform actual tricks–for better or worse. Perfect for fans of the Magic Misfits and the Land of Stories series.

After their parents vanished, Alex and Emma are sent to live with strict Uncle Mordo. Only Emma’s pet rabbit, Pimawa, keeps them company. But when flying skeletons called Rag-o-Rocs storm their once-quiet home, the kids escape just in time with Pimawa leading the way.

The rabbit takes the siblings to the Conjurian, a land where magic exists and Pimawa can talk. But the Conjurian is in trouble. Magic has been disappearing, and the Shadow Conjurer, the most mysterious sorcerer of all, is on the hunt for the Eye of Dedi, an object so powerful it could destroy the Conjurian and human worlds. The battle to control all magic has begun. There’s only one problem: Alex and Emma don’t have any!

Masterful storytelling and dozens of captivating illustrations fill author-illustrator Brian Anderson’s world with charm and intrigue. Fall under the spell of the Conjurers.

The Conjurers Book Two – Hunt For The Lost

thumbnail_FINAL The Conjurers Cover

The hunt is on for the Eye of Dedi–the legendary object that stores magic untold–and siblings Alex and Emma are determined to get it first. The only problem? They’re not the only ones looking. Hot on their heels is the evil Shadow Conjurer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Eye and finally control all of the Conjurian world. It’s up to Alex and Emma to outsmart the Shadow Conjurer and his league of ghastly monsters, or risk losing magic forever.

Fall under the spell of the Conjurers. Masterful storytelling and over 100 captivating black-and-white illustrations fill the world of this story with charm and intrigue.

About The Author

Brian Anderson is the creator of the syndicated comic strip Dog Eat Doug, which enjoys an international fan base both online and off-line. He is an optioned screenwriter and the author of several children’s books, including Nighty Night, Sleepy Sleeps; The Prince’s New Pet; and Monster Chefs. Brian’s uncle was a charter member of the Magic Castle and taught him his first card trick in second grade. He has been practicing magic ever since.

My Review

Step inside a world like no other dear reader where you can ride giant fish, rabbits walk around talking on their hind legs while wearing clothes and flying skeletons stalk the skies. These books are aimed at children aged 8 to 12 years who love reading fantasy and magic but adults will also enjoy this enchanting series.

thumbnail_Rise of the Shadows Graphic 3

The narrative follows Alex and Emma Maskelyne who live with their strict uncle Mordo. When Alex was only two years old their parents vanished, believed to have gone missing on an archaeological dig. Emma who is the oldest of the siblings still strongly believes that they will come back and keeps a suitcase packed ready for their return. Alex is not so convinced and believes in facts. He tells Emma that they are gone and that this isn’t like one of her fantasy novels that she buries her head in where they are magically going to reappear. The Maskelyne children learn to live under the harsh rulings of their uncle and fail to make any sense to his way of life. He even forbade TV yet Alex manages to build one from bits and pieces he’d found in the rubbish or tucked away in the attic of their uncle’s Victorian Manson. His sister watches magicians performing death defying tricks, marvelling at the magic happening on the screen. Alex takes a more logical approach and explains how it’s all an illusion, he believes there is no such thing as magic. However things quickly take a strange and unexpected turn when a gaggle of flying skeletons, known as Rag-o-Rocs, storm their uncle’s home followed by a creepy figure called The Shadow Conjurer. The siblings are quickly thrown head first into a unknown world by following their pet rabbit Pimawa through a mysterious passageway to the world of Conjurian. It is here they learn the truth about their parents who were magicians and on the hunt for the legendary Eye of Dedi that could help save Conjurian. Magic is dying and only with the eye can it be restored. But the Shadow Conjurer seeks the Eye for himself to become the most powerful magician and rule over both worlds, Conjurian and ours (known as the Flatworld) He believes that Emma and Alex know of its location and hunts them ruthlessly down throughout both books.


Both main characters are a delight to follow and watch develop throughout the series. Alex is determined to learn as much as he can about his parents’ disappearance and solve the clues that they left behind. In book one he is in extreme denial that their parents were magicians and that the world of Conjurian exists. He believed it to be a hallucination, a dream. Yet towards the end of book one and throughout book two the fog starts to lift and he slowly realises that it is all real. Emma believes strongly in fantasy and magic, the endless hope that her parents are alive. She is far too trusting as a character and finds herself in a number of situations in Conjurian with some very shady characters. In book two she throws her dreams of her parents returning aside, accepting that they are gone. She channels her anger towards the Shadow Conjurer, wanting to help the people and find the Eye of Dedi. She starts to see that she can’t always trust everyone she meets and some people are only out for themselves. Both characters grow before your eyes and it’s fascinating to read. 


I hardly had time to catch my breath throughout this series as at any given moment I was aware that a Rag-o-Roc could suddenly jump out and snatch me. Emma and Alex are constantly running and looking over their shoulders in book one but by book two they have decided it’s time to stop. It was empowering to read as these two children decided against all odds in a world they know little about to stand up and fight for what’s right.

Alongside Emma and Alex the reader also encounters some interesting and unusual characters such as Neil Grubian and his brother Clive. They add even more personality and charisma to the story, keeping you guessing: Who can you truly trust? There are many twists and heart stopping moments that will leave you open mouthed in shock as events take a dramatic turn.


I give The Conjurers Series By Brian Anderson a Four out of Five paw rating.  

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The imagery and creativity is felt throughout and I soaked every last bit up. I did not want to leave the breathtaking world of Conjurian.

I was excited to return in book two. Anderson leaves you literally holding your breath at the end of book one. I raced to start book two. And WOW I was not disappointed.

Miss any dates on this spell-bounding blog tour? Check out them out on the information below, enjoy!

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Buy a copythumbnail_Conjurers Rise of the Shadows Cover

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