The IRON Book of Tree Poetry Edited By Eileen Jones & Peter Mortimer Review (Fly On The Wall Poetry Tours)

Today dear reader I am on the Fly On The Wall Poetry blog tour for The IRON Book Of Tree Poetry (Published By Iron Press 26th March 2020) Edited By Eileen Jones & Peter Mortimer. A big thank you to Fly On The Wall Press for the invite and my copy to review, always appreciated. 


The IRON Book Of Tree Poetry

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The IRON Book of Tree Poetry contains more than 50 contemporary poems inspired by trees, selected from more than 500 submitted.

Contributors include such well-known writers as Linda France, Robin Moss, Kitty Fitzgerald, Jacob Polley, S.J. Litherland, Peter Bennet and Debian Chatterjee plus many new voices.

The settings include forests, woods, city centres, rubbish tips and there’s even one poem set underwater. As well as celebrating the trees, the imaginative response of the authors emphasises what a vital role the trees are now seen to play in the future of our fragile planet.

The book is edited by Eileen Jones and Peter Mortimer with a foreword by Max Adams.

IRON Press

IRON Press is among the country’s longest established independent literary publishers. The press began operations in 1973 with IRON Magazine which ran for 83 editions until 1997. Since 1975 we have also brought out a regular list of individual collections of poetry, fiction and drama plus various anthologies ranging from Voices of Conscience, Limerick Nation, The Poetry of Perestroika, 100 Island Poems, Cold IRON – Ghost Stories from the 21st Century and forthcoming, Aliens (fiction). 

The press is one of the leading independent publishers of haiku in the UK.

Since 2013 they have also run a biennial IRON Press Festival round the harbour in their native Cullercoats. The IRON OR Festival took place in June 2019. 

They are delighted to be a part of Inpress Ltd, which was set up by Arts Council England to support independent literary publishers.

My Review

This is not just another poetry book about trees dear reader. This is so much more. Prepare to embark on a leisurely stroll through the undergrowth as you marvel at the tranquility of the trees. Along our travels we encounter more than 40 talented poets and acknowledged poets such as Jacob Polley, Linda France, Katrina Porteous and Peter Bennet. You stop and converse with each one over a flask, savouring the warming comfort of tea as you breathe in the heavenly scent of the wood. During your walk you will celebrate, make conversation, and indulge in the beauty of the humble oak. How could one resist? Sign me up!   

I enjoyed every second of this collection. There is so much to learn and expand with your own opinions and visions. I loved reading of the Major Oak, the most famous resident of Sherwood Forest after that scallywag Robin Hood. It is the biggest oak tree in Britain with a canopy spread of 28 metres, a trunk circumference of 11 metres and an estimated weight of 23 tonnes! Doesn’t that image just steal your breath away dear reader? Unfortunately due to the amount of visits over the years it has soil erosion which means it is now fenced off and supported on various crutches. It was fascinating to read and see how far humanity has developed. It made me realise just how much trees are like humans. They may be intimidating towering up towards the sky threatening to wipe out life in one fell swoop if they were to collapse but even they need help and support as their trunks weaken with age.

These poems craft a divine window into the heart and soul of trees. They inspire the reader to view and appreciate them for the real, honest beauty that they are. Trees stand the test of time and are more than they appear. They are a shelter for a rain-drenched squirrel, food for a hungry bug and comfort to a lost soul. Each poet explores their natural connection to these mighty giants and gives them a stage on which their voices can be heard. Trees and poets have always had a flourishing relationship. They walk hand in hand as the birds sing them a tune. Trees inspire poets and understand their desire to let the wind carry their words across the earth. These poems are powerful and grip you with intensity and emotion. I could hear the variety of voices whirling amongst the leaves as I rested against the bark, desperate to read more. 

These poems made me question if trees worry whether they will bud and if their flaming leaves feel shame for falling. You see dear reader, the more you read of this collection, the more you begin to understand and appreciate each poet’s vision. Each poet gently takes you by the hand and exposes you to their truth amongst trees. It’s a humbling experience, one that may surprise you.  

My mind was flooded with imagery as I took a seat under the branches and absorbed history, truths and whispers. I saw trees having parties dancing in the street dressed in their finery and the hidden forests of the sea where crabs now scuttle. I witnessed people die as they tried to prevent the culling of their beloved trees and also how a tree saved a life. I gave permission for the gust of wind to carry me away with the leaves, among the trees as they sang of lullabies and times long ago. They forgive the hasty treatment of the axe, chainsaw and human destruction. They will outlive us all, standing tall and sharing wisdoms to generations for years to come. Trees are our saviours, we need them more than we think. 

I give The IRON Book of Tree Poetry Edited By Eileen Jones & Peter Mortimer a Five out of Five paw rating. 

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Breathtaking and simply glorious. A feast of only the finest with a variety of styles to gorge upon, I enjoyed every minute. Powerful, inspiring and refreshing this poetry collection made me reconnect with nature reminding me why I will always love poetry. And trees of course. As long as they are not those creepy ones from the Wizard of Oz. They scared me as a child…horrifying. 

Don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour, dates below, enjoy!

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