Awkward By Gurpreet Kaur (Review)

We’ve all had those awkward moments haven’t we dear reader? They pounce upon us like a starved tiger on it’s unsuspecting prey. Sudden and deadly. How do we deal with them? Is there ever a right or wrong way? And why, oh why do they always seem to happen to us at the worst of times? Being awkward is just exactly that isn’t it, awkward. 

Today on the blog dear reader I am reviewing Awkward (Published June 13, 2020) By Gurpreet Kaur. I have read and reviewed Kaur’s poetry before (you can read my last review here) so was intrigued to see if there was any similarities or differences in her prose writing. 



I am Awkward.
Looking for a book description?
How about a disclaimer instead?


This book contains Awkward’s awkward tales and drawings, and there’s no doubt that a three- year- old can draw better than Awkward. This book could make you cringe with awkwardness or it could melt your heart. The chances of the latter happening are minute. Read at your own risk.

** Comedy topped with a whole lot of awkwardness and a tiny-winy bit of romance.**


My Review

A story about Awkward’s most awkward moments in her life. From her first kiss, dressing up as a frog at school, break-ups to her mother finding a packet of ‘strawberry candies’ in her bag, this book has something for everyone. 

Before I began reading Awkward’s story I was already smiling at the disclaimer. It sets an amusing and lighthearted tone that is gently carried through the rest of the narrative. 

This book is a light, short read and is perfect to dive into when you want to escape the reality of your own awkward life. Accompanied with stick figure drawings you can’t help but see the funny side to Awkward’s most embarrassingly awkward tales. 

Awkward is an extremely likeable character because she’s real, she’s human. She’s not perfect and she makes mistakes. You can strongly relate because there are times when we ourselves end up in an awkward situation. It’s natural. She doesn’t understand why these things happen to her and feels like everyone is laughing at her. Her mother tells her “Making other people laugh is a gift. Not everybody is capable of making other people laugh. You made them laugh. You are special, you should be proud of yourself” At the time she sees it as everyone seeing her as a joker, something to be ashamed of. It takes her a while but she soon realises that making people smile and laugh is a happy, beautiful thing. It’s a positive, uplifting message that encourages us to all embrace our own awkwardness. We should never be ashamed of it. Never. 

The reader is also treated to the start of a little romance in this book when Awkward meets Extrovert. At first she assumes he doesn’t like her and convinces herself she doesn’t like him. But he continues to playfully tease her and they soon become friends. As you watch the relationship blossom you are kept on tenterhooks whether they will or won’t end up together. You wait with baited breath as you watch the pair skirt around the obvious awkwardness. It reminded me of watching a rom-com with the misunderstandings, awkward situations and denial of clear feelings for each other. Most enjoyble. 

I give Awkward By Gurpreet Kaur a Three out of Five paw rating.

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Witty and full of relatable anecdotes this book will make you giggle and not feel completely alone in your own awkwardness. I laughed, and cringed at Awkward’s misfortunes. The Uber car ride story is definitely one I could see myself doing. 

This was a lovely, light, quick read that you can jump into over a cup of tea and enjoy many a giggle at Awkward’s tales. 


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