The Underground Toy Society By Jessica D. Adams (Review)

Do you remember your favourite toy as a child? They would go everywhere with you, never leaving your side. They become so worn and played with that it might lose an eye or have a bald patch of fur but that wouldn’t matter to you. Because you loved that toy, they were your whole world. Ahh simpler times, to be a kid again.  

Today on the blog dear reader I am reviewing The Underground Toy Society (Published 8th Jun. 2015) By Jessica D. Adams. A big thank you to the author for sending me a copy to review, always appreciated. 


The Underground Toy Society


Do your kids have too many toys and won’t clean their rooms? The Underground Toy Society helps lost, lonely, and forgotten toys find new homes while inspiring kids to keep their rooms clean! What happens to toys when children don’t play with them? Where do toys go when their children grow up? What happens when there are too many toys in one house? Find out when Samantha goes on an exciting underground adventure as she tries to find her best friend after they were separated.


About The Author


Jessica D. Adams writes children’s books about The Underground Toy Society that aim to teach children to love and appreciate what they have, think of others, and hopefully clean their rooms. Jessica’s two daughters are the inspiration for the books, as well as co-illustrators for many of the books. Jessica also wrote a short time travel chapter book, Meeting Grandmom, which is a great story for kids as well as adults to remember or talk about lost loved ones and family history.

Jessica has visions of The Underground Toy Society traveling around the world, with many books being created to help teach children to clean their rooms, appreciate what they have, and think of those who may not have as much. While the goals of the books are to help kids want to clean their rooms, appreciate what they have, and think of others, there are no guarantees that kids will learn these lessons. These books are for entertainment purposes and individual results may vary.

Jessica grew up in Catawissa, Pennsylvania.  She attended Southern Columbia Area High School.  After high school, she attended Bloomsburg University for two years, and then Thomas Jefferson University for two years.  She graduated with honors with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  She still lives in PA with her husband, Greg, and two daughters.

My Review

Like a lot of children, Jessica and Jennifer love their toys. They do not own many which means that every single toy receives a lot of attention and love. Jessica’s favourite doll is Samantha and Jennifer’s is Stacey. As they grow they play with the toys less and less, leaving them on the shelf as they can’t bare to throw them away. They keep them on a shelf with the intention to give them to their own children one day. However the girls move out which separated the dolls. The dolls miss each other dearly and when Samantha sees a hole outside in the garden a plan is formed. With the help of Murry the mole Samantha finds new and lonely toys who are not played or appreciated. But she also meets toys who share their stories of children playing with them, to give the others hope that one day they will be loved again. But will Samantha ever find Stacey? Will the pair reunite and get the chance to be adored and played with? Just how many toys is too many? 


This children’s book was a joy to read. My boys loved the story and started looking at their own toys, feeling bad that some were never played with. Together we sorted them into ones they wanted to keep and ones to donate to charity. They didn’t want the toys to feel sad because they weren’t played with when they could make another child happy. I was so proud of them for showing how to respect and look after the toys they have. Also for being selfless in donating their unplayed with toys . This book tells a wonderful message to children in a way they can fully understand. 


I liked how this story showed the unplayed with toys emotions. It teaches children to think of others and appreciate what they do have. They don’t need hundreds upon hundreds of toys because there’s never enough time or space to play with them all. Having fewer toys leaves room to organise them so they aren’t left on the floor, abandoned or a trip hazard. 


The illustrations are fun to look at and fit well with the story. My boys loved looking at them and inspired them to draw their own toys. The pictures helped bring the story to life, allowing us to see and follow the toys on their journey.

I give The Underground Toy Society By Jessica D. Adams a Four out of Five paw rating. 

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A delightful children’s book to help show how it’s not always better to have tons of toys. This book is perfect for teaching children how to appreciate what toys they have and to take joy in playing, caring and loving each and every one. It also teaches children about kindness, teamwork, friendship and responsibility. Which in my opinion dear reader is just lovely. 


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  1. Jessica Adams says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read the story with your boys! We greatly appreciate your time!

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