Little Deer and the Dragon By J.S. Betts Review (Blog Tour)

Today dear reader I am on the blog tour for Little Deer and the Dragon (Published 1st Mar 2020) By J.S. Betts. A big thank you to the publishers Willow Tree for sending me a copy to review, always appreciated. Also to Imagine That for the invite to take part, thank you. 



Little Deer and the Dragon

thumbnail_Little Deer and the Dragon Cover

In Willow Tree Wood, there’s magic everywhere if you know where to look!

Each time Molly and Tom visit Willow Tree Wood to stay with Grandma, they find themselves in adventures beyond their wildest dreams. Ideal for emerging readers, with engaging characters, cute animals and magical creatures. Featuring a fill-in book review.

In Little Deer and the Dragon, Molly and Tom discover a baby deer left all on its own. With the help of a small dragon, a magic potion and a special wish, will the Willow Tree Wood magic be strong enough to save the day?


My Review

Prepare to go on a magical adventure in Willow Tree Wood with Molly and her brother Tom. While staying at their Grandma’s during the Easter holidays, they discover a baby deer which they name Spring, but the mother is nowhere to be seen. Will she come back for her fawn? And how can a magic potion and a dragon cast a special wish? Get ready for a truly enchanting tale that will whisk you far away to the enchanting Willow Tree Wood.

Our stay with Grandma was wonderful. The smells that she would cook up in the kitchen made our mouths drool. We could taste the cookies and rhubarb pie, it made us feel all cosy and warm. We also learned about the different types of plants from Grandma in her garden and could feel the warm sun dancing on our skin. The imagery is delicious and we greedily want more. 

This book encourages not only learning but to also listen and follow directions as we were tasked with delivering some post to Wilbur. We made sure to follow the directions Grandma gave us. Even though the path she told us to take looked spooky and scary we continued onwards and met Wilbur who seemed a bit forgetful. We highly suspected he was a wizard of some kind. He is a funny character and we liked him instantly. We helped him find his cat, Max thanks to Grandma telling us about catmint and how much they love it. They really, really love it dear reader.

It was fun to help Wilbur remember the five ingredients for his magic potion. We enjoyed the riddles and guessing what each one was. It got our brains working in an exciting and creative way. This interaction in a children’s book allows them to feel fully involved and absorbed in the story. It’s a magical experience to watch them take part.

The illustrations brought the story to life, giving it that extra sparkle. Our favourite drawing was Drew the dragon and we all agreed he was very, very cute. He also made us giggle when he told them off for calling him a baby because he is so small. The boys now want their own pet dragon and of course I agree, dragons are awesome. And Drew is the perfect size, he could quite happily sleep on the end of the boys’ beds.

I loved reading this book with my boys, it was such a magical experience. We read it for bedtime and it was just the perfect length, not too long and not too short. My eldest is really getting into books (which I highly approve of, naturally) and he wants to read this by himself already. This book is ideal for preschoolers, the lettering is big and clear, the words are not too complex and are very imaginative for a young growing mind. It can also be read to younger children as my two youngest adored it, especially the dragon scenes. There was a lot of roaring from them dear reader. A lot!

We were sad to bid farwell to our new friends but eagerly await new adventures and can’t wait to return to Willow Tree Wood. 

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I give Little Deer and the Dragon By J.S. Betts a Five out of Five paw rating.

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This book has become a new favourite in The Burrow. This is the second book in the A Willow Tree Wood Adventure series and I would highly recommend you give them a read. They are charming and wonderful books full of magic and wonder. It has everything you could ever ask for in a story; magic, adventure and dragons!

Don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour, dates below. 

There is a giveaway on Friday’s post with Let Them Be Small Where you can win copies of Little Deer and the Dragon and the first book in the series Little Fox and the Fairy. Good luck! 

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