i’m done By Gurpreet Kaur Review

Break-ups are never pretty. The hint is in the name, break. You feel broken, lost and empty. The only people you want to see are a Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry. They spoon-feed you scoop after scoop of delicious misery as they dry your tears encouraging you to open another tub. One more won’t hurt, surely?…

Today I am reviewing i’m done (Published 12th December 2019) By Gurpreet Kaur. I have reviewed Kaur’s poetry before and enjoyed it so was intrigued, check out the previous review here.

Right, grab a cuppa and prepare yourself for some heartbreaking poetry. Let’s go!

i’m done


for the ones who have loved more than they have received,
for the ones who have loved,
for the ones who are heartbroken,
for the ones who are healing.

My Review

This poetry book is a goodbye love letter full of emotions and heartache. Kaur gives the reader the key to her heart, allowing them to step inside and witness the hopes and dreams of a dying relationship. It is a brutal reality of what happens when love breaks down and you are left gathering the pieces, wondering why they no longer fit. Kaur sets the tone upon reading as she dedicates this book to those who loved more than they received.

I savoured Kaur’s imagery, it is atmospheric and pleasing to the ear. She whirls words together in an enchanting dance to express her love and passion. What I enjoyed was that within the space of a page turn Kaur can go from this gentle approach to a raw stab of harsh reality. Like love it’s sudden, taking you by surprise and hurts like hell.

you were like a storm,
the kind of storm
i loved being caught up in
as i danced
to the tune of your thunder
in rains of your love. 

Love can make you do, see and say crazy things. There is literally a whole page dedicated to I Love You which may seem excessive to some but is actually a realistic representation of what happens in a relationship. It’s clever as we find ourselves obsessing over every little detail after a break-up. Kaur has captured this perfectly. She looks back on the relationship, reliving the pain, broken promises and seeing everything that was said with new meaning.  For example how he said she was his moon and he her sun which seemed romantic at the time but what it really meant was that without him she had no existence. It is only when we take that step back that we can see the reality of our situation. It’s relatable as many people struggle to see how toxic a relationship is because they believe it’s love, it blinds them and makes them crazy. This addictive craving runs riot through Kaur’s poems portraying how easy we all fall victim to its charms. But her inner strength pulls her up to detox and start a fresh, closing a chapter and letting go. 

your love was
like milk and bread
~ it seemed like a necessity.

The deeper Kaur dives into the relationship the more she sees how it was unhealthy and that he manipulated her. She writes truthfully of mistaking lessening oneself for selflessness. Instead of taking care of herself she got burned protecting him from the fires that raged around them. It takes courage to admit these things and bravery. Kaur displays her scars in full view and it’s breathtaking to look at. 

I particularly enjoyed the black and white concept that Kaur applied. It gave balance and a clear picture of when you really look at it, things can be viewed as black and white. You are ether in love or you’re not. Kaur breaks this down; as feelings and memories can confuse this, but when you get down to the truth of it all, it is that simple. It’s everything else added on-top that makes it complicated.

Throughout all the pain Kaur still remains hopeful for the future and it is encouraging to see. As she stands by the sea it admires her back. She knows they had more bad days than good and that she fell too fast, too deep in a love that was never there. It’s pure truth. I loved the honesty in these poems, how healing isn’t beautiful, it is ugly. It’s therapeutic as Kaur can see clearly now and deserves better. She knows that it was best to end as it would have only brought more misery.

Kaur tells the reader they are brave if they have ever loved more than they received. It takes courage and they should cherish themselves as only you are with yourself forever. She sends a strong message to look after yourself first and encourages them to get back up again, to rise from the ashes and never give up on love. It is out there for all of us. 

maybe their love
broke you
but it is your love
for yourself
that is going to
make you stitch
yourself back
into an even better, stronger person

– love yourself

I give i’m done By Gurpreet Kaur a Three out of Five paw rating.

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For anyone that has ever suffered with a broken heart, I recommend you read this. It’s personal, deep and drowns you in all the feels. What appears as a quick dip in the water becomes a raging battle at sea, fighting off monsters and storms before breaking though to the other side. A calmer, gentler tide carries you towards the horizon as you watch the sun rise and find the strength to sail onwards into uncharted waters.



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