We Are All Warriors Fighting Our Own Battles By Gurpreet Kaur Review

The happiest, loudest and most positive of people are often the ones wearing a mask. Hiding their pain and putting on a show that ‘everything is ok’. We are only human. It’s completely normal to struggle and feel like you are constantly fighting a losing battle. It’s life and we are the warriors. 


Today on the blog I have some poetry, prose and inspirational quotes for you as I review We Are All Warriors Fighting Our Own Battles By Gurpreet Kaur. Prefect way to start you day, wouldn’t you agree? Grab a cuppa and relax, prepare to discover such heartrending writing that will add a little salt to your sweet tea.

We Are All Warriors Fighting Our Own Battles

A collection of poetry, proses and quotes reflecting the highs and lows of life and love. 

The book is divided into 2 parts- Battles of Life and Battles of Love.
These are my battles. These are your battles.These are our battles.

My Review

Kaur starts off by addressing the reader about how these are her battles and our battles, that one day we will conquer them all. I appreciate this personal touch as immediately you can relate and feel cared for. Kaur reassures the reader that is ok to not be ok, to just be doing the best we can. In a world that is plagued by social media it is extremely easy to fall down a dark hole. Trolls I believe they call them? Although when I think of trolls I think of the toys with the funky hair I had as a kid. I digress. The point being dear reader, that it far too easy to feel bad about yourself these days. We need to stop this and Kaur is that much needed voice that reminds us not to give up, to keep fighting till victory is ours. 

The overall theme is life and that in itself is pretty poetic. We spend half our time on this earth just surviving when really we should be living, everyday to the full. This book is a little guide if you will, of what to expect on our travels and the emotions that will betray us alongside learning lessons, taking risks and making mistakes. It all part of the this beautiful annoying yet rewarding thing called life.

From reading these poems, prose and quotes I began to realise how much we take for granted, constantly wishing for things we don’t have. Even when we finally obtain them, we quickly disregard and pine for something else. It showed me that if we are never truly satisfied, how can we be content and enjoy life? If we spend our whole lives wishing it away and never feeling fulfilled, is that really a life lived at all? 

This book quickly becomes a long acquainted friend, having your back and telling us the words that no one else dare say. To stand up for ourselves, don’t allow people to treat us bad and walk away from toxic people. 

The second part of the book Battle Of Love had a slightly gentler feel. Of course there was plenty of heartbreak, this is love after all folks but it reminded me of sonnets being recited to a balcony window. Sweet melodies plucked from the heart, full of emotion and desire. Heaven to indulge in. 

Kaur sends a number of honest messages to the reader, one in particular I enjoyed was to stop looking for love. Only then when it finds you will there be no facade. It will love you for who you are, no pretence. Just you in all your true self. And she’s right. We should love ourselves more. Why not? We are all awesome, amazing people and have every right to celebrate that. We should be proud of who we are and the battles we have faced.

The layout of the kindle version was a little confusing as I wasn’t always entirely sure when one poem started and another finished. Easily fixed I would imagine to help keep the flow and pace. Apart from that it was a pleasant, relaxing read.

I give We Are All Warriors Fighting Our Own Battles By Gurpreet Kaur a Three out of Five paw rating.

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This book is prefect for when you’re falling down and need a little pick me up. That much needed hug and gentle voice telling you it’s all going to be ok. Inspiring and empowering, words that everyone needs to hear. Life doesn’t need to be a battle but when it is; so be it, we will do our utmost to make a stand and fight. We are warriors. 



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