Time Travel [Avid Second Chances Bundle] By Roxanne San Jose Review

If you owned a time machine, to when would you go dear reader? To the past before the internet even existed…no maybe not, that’s a bit too scary. Or maybe you would travel to the future, to see if cars fly and robots have replaced half the population. The options are endless. You see dear reader, for me I don’t need a time machine to envision all of these things. I have books! Come, follow, let’s go on an adventure and discover unknown galaxies and historical destinations. 

Today on the blog I am reviewing Time Travel (Published April 15, 2019) By Roxanne San Jose. A big thank you to the author for a copy to review, always appreciated. Thank you!

About The Author


Roxanne San Jose was born in the Philippines but resides now in Las Vegas, Nevada. She self-published her first book, Annagram in 2015 about three countries fighting for an island.

Time Travel


Angelie Thompson invented a time machine in 2015 and her boyfriend, John Salvador, was accidentally transported back to 1970. Left with no other option, Angelie journeys through time, searching for John. Along the way, she encounters several adventures, meeting new people on her desperate search for her lover.

Meanwhile, stranded in 1970 and with no hope of ever returning back to his own time, John begins a new life, working as a receptionist in Lesti Hotel where he finds a new love, Elisha.

Conflict arises among the characters due to their complicated relationships and when disaster strikes, it’s up to Angelie to save the world with her time machine invention.The tale of ‘Time Travel’ highlights love, determination and friendship.

My Review

From the moment I started reading, I was thrust head first into the action. The narrative was fast paced, jumping from one event to the next which at times fitted with the story. I would have liked a bit more time to catch my breath between situations but can also see how it can add to the rush and mad panic that runs true with the plot. 

The characters are interesting to follow and I enjoyed my time traveling experience with them. I loved going to year 3050 and witnessing San Jose’s vision of a futuristic world. It was creative and fun to read. My favourite character has got to be Max, he was friendly and kind to everyone he met. Everyone should have their own Max wizzing about the house delivering tasty treats and information at a touch of a button.

The people were dressed in odd suits, there were also robots, robotic animals talking to each other and no pollution in the air. The water was crystal-clear, the roads made of metal, and buildings built with glass.

There was a strong theme of friendship, love and never giving up throughout the book. The characters all bonded as the narrative progressed and genuinely looked out for each other. It was touching to read after everything they had been through together. A rare sight to see these days, it was reassuring to know there is still kindness and hope within the world. 

This story has a lot of potential to be something even more phenomenal. At times I felt I was being told the story, not shown. There was also few plot developments that got me excited but fizzled out quickly and could have been expanded on in further detail. It just needs a bit of polishing, a few edits and bit of work. It doesn’t feel quite ready yet, needs a little tampering. 

I give Time Travel By Roxanne San Jose a Three out of Five paw rating. 

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There are the beginnings of something fascinating here. San Jose has the vision perfect, it just needs time to develop. The structure and bones are there, with some meat and flesh it could become fully formed so this creation can come to life. 

Well done San Jose for putting your work out there, it’s a daunting thing to do. Don’t ever give up and please do keep writing. You can write a gripping plot, it just needs a few extra finishing touches. I look forward to reading more of you work in the future. 

As always dear reader, this is just my own personal opinion. I urge you to form an opinion of your own and read a copy, links below. Enjoy! 



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    Thank you so much for the review! You are awesome!

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