The Baby Detective By Sarah Norris Review (Random Things Tours)


The rumours are true dear reader. I hate to say it, but it’s all true! Being a parent is tough. Really, really tough. It is one of the hardest things you will ever go through. The endless list of no sleep, crying, nappies, weaning, winding, more crying, sick covered clothes, crying, did I already mention crying? You get the idea. It is hard. Yet fear not for I have a beauty of a book for you to discover that might actually help and not simply dictate to you the right and wrong way to parent. And oh it is heaven dear reader, utter complete bliss.


Today is my turn on the blog tour to review The Baby Detective By Sarah Norris. Thank you Orion Spring for my copy to review and as always a big thank you to Anne for the invitation. You make this community awesome, I am proud to be a part of it. 

About The Author

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Author Sarah Norris is one of the UK’s most accomplished maternity nurses and understands that every baby, and every family, is different. During the last 23 years she has cared for hundreds of babies and worked with many celebrity parents including Sienna Miller and the Guinness family.

The Baby Detective

The Baby Detective is the only book of the parenting genre to develop a unique, step-by-step investigative process that will enable parents to solve their own baby care problems. It puts them firmly back in the driving seat, giving them the tools to do away with sometimes conflicting and confusing expert advice, and to face parenting challenges using their own intuition.

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Drawing on case studies of Sarah’s previous clients, the book is based around her unique principle of AIM, in which parents are guided through the process of Assessing a problematic situation, Investigating the possible causes and Modifying behaviour in order to resolve it. It provides insight in to how and why environment, biology and personality interact to affect your baby, as well as suggesting numerous tips and strategies for remedying problems.

My Review

As a mother to three boys I know first hand just how tough parenting is. I have spent many a sleepless night banging my head against the wall asking why my precious little baby won’t stop crying. I had tried it all from the tips and advice on the mum websites to the specialist baby books that tell you you’re doing everything wrong. I gave up hope and went on as best I could feeling like a failure. Oh how I wish I had discovered this book sooner because it’s so much more than a baby book. This book is different.

The Baby Detective helps guide the reader through an investigative process when something is wrong. It helps the reader identify what the problem is, why it’s happening and how to solve it using the AIM Acronym. Assess. Investigate. Modify. The book breaks it down into bite sized chucks in each chapter for the reader to digest and allows them time to process the information. Prefect for any sleep deprived parent.

What I found extremely helpful was the examples that were given as case studies with previous families Norris has worked with. Not only did it make me realise that I am not alone but I could see the different ways to investigate and resolve the problems. Norris is the readers’ fairy-godmother they never realised they needed. She magically transforms chaos into order and it is fascinating to witness.

This book gives the reader confidence that is much-needed if they are a first time mum. Norris throughout teaches and reminds them to have an open mind, to be realistic. What might work for one baby may not work for another, each one is different and unique. She reassures the reader that if something doesn’t work, keep trying until they find something that does. There’s no added pressure and a hell of a lot of support through her words. It is that warm comforting hug that all mums desperately need from outsiders when they are at their lowest.

I felt like I could trust Norris’ methods as not only has she years of experience behind her as a maternity nurse but she was compassionate. She is understanding and built my confidence throughout the book that I was a willing, capable parent. Norris knows how much parents put themselves down when things aren’t going their way. She understands and is caring with her words to encourage the reader to not give up. She gives them hope that they will find their own parenting style and reminds them that they are only human. It is such a pleasure to read such supportive advice. Norris doesn’t judge and allows the reader to be themselves as only they will truly know their babies wants and needs.

I give The Baby Detective By Sarah Norris a Four out of Five paw rating.

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I highly recommend EVERY parent should read this book. It is such a refreshing look at how we can solve the many problems we are faced with on our parenting journey. I feel even more confident with my parenting skills and have found personal success using AIM. Life has been a little less chaotic and I can sit back and enjoy parenthood instead of stressing and worrying about every little thing. I can breathe a bit easier and just have fun with my boys.

Thank you Sarah Norris, for letting me see there is light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

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