Malhaar, When It Pours, Soak Yourself In Poetry By Ambica Uppal (Review)

As the sun slowly starts to peek back out from behind the clouds and dazzle us once again with its warm vibrant rays. I can once again take refuge in one of my favourite reading spots. The garden. And there’s nothing I love more than to enjoy a bit of poetry on a warm sunny day, accompanied by a lemon ice tea. Bliss. That is until two small mischievous boys come stampeding into the garden pretending to be dinosaurs and demand that I help build them a dinotopia out of mud and leaves. Oh parenthood you. 

Today on the blog I am reviewing the recently released Malharr By Ambica Uppal. A book of poems, spoken word poetry and prose, I was happy to devour. A big thank you to Uppal for sending me a copy of Malhaar to review. I love poetry with a passion and was delighted to take a refreshing dip in the sea, bombarded with emotions and chaos. 


The word Malhaar means an old raga in Indian classical music. It is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains. Sounds heavenly. Keeping this in mind dear reader, through my whole reading of Malhaar I had a faint sound of a rainstick echoing in my head. Gentle and enchanting. I personally believe that Uppal has successfully captured her downpour of emotions in this book and it is fully deserving of the title Malhaar. It was exhilarating and eye-opening to read, to feel connected to someone else’s emotions through the power of words. A tranquil breeze and a storm on the horizon with the possibility of thunder and lighting on each page. It made me hold my breath with anticipation.

The book is spilt into six sections which takes the reader on different paths, themes and experiences. I found this worked well as I was not drowned in the downpour of emotions but rather had time to build myself a raft safely and sail as swiftly as possible against the unpredictable tide.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 18.51.24

The striking imagery Uppal uses is one that I admire and can relate to in my own personal writing. It’s strong and powerful giving the reader a vision of creativity to gaze upon in awe. The words build upon the image you create in your head and just keep adding to it, the depth, the shadows till you’re left with a sketch within your mind of something you and the writer have crafted together. The reader’s interpretation of the author’s words is something that has always fascinated me in literature. We will all imagine different versions, all unique and no two are the same. Malhaar does this perfectly. 

Slow dance of the clouds
To the happy tune
To any pain and sorrow
They are so immune.
They may burst in sometime
They know
Glide higher
With the wind’s blow.
But, they dance together
So soft and agile;
Gentle, fluffy and so
Full of style!


There are a ton of themes pouring throughout Malhaar. Relatable themes such as love, letting go, depression, hope, feeling sacred, being yourself, are just to name a few. Yet one theme that stood out the most for me was Uppal’s message to the reader telling them that they are strong and have control over their life. They can choose their own paints to fill that blank canvas. You’ve just got to have the courage to do it. We have the control over our own lives. 

The beauty of life is that
Even if the painting is pre-decided,
We can choose the
Strokes and the colours.
Darker shades
Lighter hues
Harder strokes
Softer dabs. 

You Have Some Control

In ways I saw this book as a poetic self-help guide to life. Malhaar deals with a lot of life experiences it also supports the reader. It tells them that they are better than revenge, to be kind, grateful and always hold onto their passion. Books are more powerful than people believe as sometimes they tell you the words you really need to hear when no one else will. Malhaar is a great example of this. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 18.51.44

I truly adore reading Live In The Moment as I could honestly relate to the words upon the page. Our pasts are always there, blocking our rear view, we should not only just look to the future, but also to the now. The present, today and live in the moment. It made me realise how often I tend to dwell on my past or worry about my future. Barely living in the moment and what’s right in front of me. It’s silly to fret about things we cannot change and to not enjoy what we have right now. Before we know it, today will be tomorrow and yesterday will be last year. I thank you Uppal for opening my eyes to focus on the now. Cheers!

Haze of the past,
Blocks my rear view;
Clouds of the future,
Fogs the new.
There’s nowhere else to look
But at the

Live In The Moment

I also enjoyed reading, Try To Let Go Off Bad Experiences. Often we let bad experiences taint our hearts till it’s the only colour we ever see. When really we should let go and explore the swatch of colours life has to offer us. Again Uppal has hit close to home on a subject that the reader can relate to and it’s beautifully done. Skilful writing that is not only executed well but is covered with emotion that the reader can relate too. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 19.49.42

I give Malhaar By Ambica Uppal a Four out of Five paw rating. 

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It captivated me from start to finish. One to have on your book shelf or kindle for when you need a little advice and encouragement about your journey through life. It made me see a few things more clearly and I thank you for that Uppal. I needed this more than you know right now. So, thank you.

Grab a copy here and don’t forget to check out the links below. Enjoy.





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