Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice (Review)

Happy Valentine’s Day! May this joyful, overpriced, ridiculously high expectations day bring you lovey-dovey statuses and photos of cheap tat that will be in the bin before the Easter bunny comes hopping by. A day dedicated to showering that special someone with gifts because you know; words aren’t enough. We need chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and dozen of flowers to do this. BTW If you enjoy it, I am not judging you, by all means go for it!


And no I am not bitter dear readers. I just honestly think Valentine’s Day is pointless and has become too commercial like all holidays. I have never really seen the point in it all. When you’re in a comfortable, loving, committed relationship, you tell each other every day how you feel. Not save it all up for this one day to show affection. It’s the little things, kisses goodnight, snuggling while watching a movie and just caring and loving each other. Me and my husband don’t give each other Valentine’s cards and it really doesn’t bother us. It doesn’t mean we love each other any less. We tell each other every single day. We don’t need a lavish in-your-face card to tell us that. I’m not going to get angry or upset if he hasn’t covered the bed in roses or got me a teddy bear that says “I wuv you”. We do romance in our relationship every single day. It’s personal and us. Anyway, I digress.


On the blog today I am reviewing Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice. The first volume of the vampire chronicles (There’s about 17 more books!) I thought it was perfect for Valentine’s day. A romance like no other between inner demons and secret desires. Blood and passion. What more could you need on this romantic day? Flowers that smell like chocolate? That would be pretty impressive. and tasty…


This book is hauntingly beautiful. Rice writes with such passion and eeriness that I could feel the shivers tip toeing along my spin. I was sucked in from the first letter. I yearned to hear more from the vampire. To hear his story of how he became a bewitching and beautiful creature of the night. I envied the boy so much for being told first hand Louis’ story. It felt like an honour to witness his tale of woe and suffering. To never see the sun rise and forever be a servant to the dark. Being surrounded by death and decay while you cease to age a single day.

“I remember that the movement of his lips raised the hair all over the body, sent a shock of sensation through my body that was not unlike the pleasure of passion…”

The imagery and emotions that enchanted my mind was disturbingly poetic. You know you should turn away, that the very idea of a vampire should send you running and yet you don’t. Louis has a certain charm and calmness to him. His manner and very presence made me feel at ease that I can say for certain if I were to encounter him in a dark alleyway. I would not be afraid. I would be curious of his knowledge, his experience and intrigued to learn more. The thought of everlasting life is appealing to us all I should imagine. Yet, as with most things. It comes with a price and the drinking of human blood, no matter how elegantly out of glass goblets, is the harsh reality of the damned.

“The vampire was utterly, white and smooth, as if he were sculpted from bleached bone, and his face was as seemingly inanimate as a statue, except for two brilliant green eyes that looked down at the boy intently like flames in a skull.”

This story has haunted me for days now, the characters, the love, the death. Everything. Rice has managed to turn me, seduce me, making me have a thirst for her writing. I have acquired an appetite for more literature such as this. I need more! More!

I give Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice a Five out of Five paw rating.

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Seriously, if you have not read this book, why not? And do it now! It’s an experience that you truly won’t forget. Horrific and heart-wrenching at times while at others breathtakingly stunning.

I am beyond excited to start the next volume, The Vampire Lestat. Eeeep! That’s my happy noise!giphy.gif

I hope you all have a lovely day filled with cake, I mean love. Love is cake. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, don’t beat yourself up about this ridiculous day. I swear it’s just to make money now and for everyone to become super competitive with each other. I love you more, no I love you more, nooooo I love you more…

For your entertainment, check out my Valentine’s video I did a few years ago. There are aliens!!!! It’s not Valentine’s day without a few aliens.

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