Croc On A Rock (Day 11) Special Delivery

A wrapped up parcel is always intriguing to a curious person. Especially if it’s not addressed to you. You start to think about the possibilities of what hidden treats await inside. You wonder if anyone would notice a small tear, “A quick peek won’t hurt, surely?” you tell yourself. It’s just so damn tempting! The desire to know. It’s exciting and torture! But you go against your natural instinct, leave well alone and dream about the day someone sends you a parcel out of the blue.


Crocodiles however, they don’t control themselves. Nope. They simply tear through the packaging like it’s a zebra’s hide and devour the contents. This was the scene we stumbled upon today when looking for said crocodile. He very quickly become an angry and annoyed crocodile as he had just discovered the chocolate decorations and was desperate for a taste. If he’s lucky he may get a chance to sample one when we decorate the tree. Maybe.


A very special parcel had arrived for the boys this morning all the way from Devon. Their grandparents had sent them a few Christmas treats to enjoy in the lead up to the big day. Books, chocolate and some bath time finger puppets. A child’s idea of heaven and it’s utter bliss to see how happy the little things make them.

For the rest of the day we slowly started to decorate the house putting up tinsel and getting out the singing toys, much to my husbands annoyance. Hehe. We have four! Four crazy singing dancing Christmas toys that do nothing but sing and dance all day! Fun right?

I wonder what the Christmas Crocodile will get up to tomorrow?

Hop hop wiggle wiggle.

About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet/Reviewer/Bookworm/Gamer/Music Lover/Wife and Mother! I review and recommend books as I LOVE to read! I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming books to expand my ever-growing library. If you have something you wish me to read and review, please contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you. Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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