The Bear Cub Bakers Boolino Book Review


Did someone say cake? Baking? Bears? Yep, you read that correctly dear reader. Bears baking! I have the most exquisite children’s book review for you today. Grab your aprons, wash your hands and get ready to do some baking. I totally give you full permission to lick the spoon. Let’s bake!


Thank you to the lovely people at Big Sunshine Books and Boolino for sending me a delicious copy of The Bear Cub Bakers By Caroline Baxter and illustrated By Kathi Ember. We loved loved, loveddddd Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane By Baxter and illustrated by Izabela Ciesinska, so couldn’t wait to hop off on another adventure.

Deep in the forest is Miss Betsy Bear’s baking school where cubs come each spring to learn how to bake a number of mouth-watering treats. Spoons at the ready, it’s time to BAKE!!!

I am a big, big fan of anything to do with baking. One of my favourite things to do is bake and I love involving my boys. Trust me, it’s worth the extra mess to see how happy it makes them. (Flour in one’s hair is so in fashion these days anyway.) They enjoy exploring different textures, learning how to weigh ingredients and combining it all together to make a tasty treat. The Bear Cub Bakers introduces children to the joy that is baking with a delightful tale of six little bears baking up a tray full of yummyness (Should so be a word!) and at the end one special baker wins a great prize. A great way to encourage children to take part and get involved, showing them that hard work and determination pays off. With CAKE!


Baxter has a way with words and had made a truly gorgeous story. Her rhyming skills are a joy to read as it involves the reader in the story. You can’t help but smile as you read/sing along. The way she describes the noise in the kitchen and the smells got us drooling and by the end we were a pair of very hungry bears. Lucky there is a special Miss Betsy Bear recipe for Bear Buns at the back to satisfy your cravings. We fully enjoyed making them and of course devouring them. There wasn’t a single crumb left. We might have licked the plate clean. Might have.


The illustrations work perfectly with the story. The writing and pictures combined was a heavenly feast for our eyes. The detail is such a pleasure to see and has been thought out thoroughly. My boys really loved just looking at the pictures and pointing out the tiny details. We are now on the look out for our own bee egg timer.

If you are missing the Bake Off (I totally am!) then this book is perfect for you and your little cub. Literally think Bake Off but with Bears! Now, who wants some cake?

I give The Bear Cub Bakers a Five out of Five paw rating. Baking! Need I say more? Yum!

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Get your paws on a copy today, click here and before you know it you will be a master of buttercream frosting. Just think of all the wondrous things you will be cooking up and eating! Everyday can be a tea party.


Don’t forget to also check out Piolt Jane And The Runaway Plane By Caroline Baxter. Another little treat that you will both love. Click here to grab a copy and jet off on an adventure to new horizons with friends today!


Before you go, also check out Big Sunshine Books and Boolino. Books, books and more books to your heart’s content. Let’s keep on promoting reading from a young age, making it fun and enjoyable. So many stories and characters to meet. It makes me happy to see my boys so involved in their reading. Bookworms and proud! So, so ridiculously happy.






Hop hop wiggle wiggle.


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