The Dreaming Key : A Story Of Poetry By Jordan Toney Review

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Why do we dream? How does our body shut down to recharge but our mind can escape to new worlds twined with parallel universes with the odd sensation of day-to-day life thrown in randomly? How is that possible? We are asleep but a small part of us is conscious. It’s fascinating. Dust off your dreamcatcher dear readers and let’s explore the mystery that has baffled brains for centuries. Dreams.


A big shout out to the dream weaver himself, Jordan Toney for sending me a copy of The Dreaming Key : A Story Of Poetry. I was excited to take another moonlight dip, swan-diving again off the top of a cliff into the creativity abyss. As I have said before in my previous reviews of this author, it’s extremely difficult to discover a true craftsman these days who takes pride in their work. So rare! I have a very strong feeling that if you were to cut Toney (I’m totally against violence of course, I can’t bring myself to squash a bug!) he would bleed ink and his words would naturally flow out onto the page and proceed to start waltzing with one another. It’s hypnotising to read, a real struggle to tear yourself away. Much like a child who has discovered a kaleidoscope for the first time. So, so pretty and shiny.


The Dreaming Key : A Story Of Poetry tells of a wizard who must perfect the Dreaming Key otherwise the whole kingdom will be troubled with nightmares. One day a man goes to the wizard and tells him that the kingdom is in ruins and plagued by nightmares as the spells and wards that once protected them have ceased. The wizard gives him a clear crystal locket which when turned, causes the whole kingdom to be shrouded in sleep. There will come a time when it will be broken as nothing can last forever. The poems in the book are of the kingdom’s dreams. To be trapped in your dreams would be heaven yet your own personal nightmare. Never should the two entwine otherwise you would struggle to discern reality from the dream.

‘But even nightmares cannot be held back forever.’

Toney is fascinated with dreams. Some of the poems in this book are dreams he has had while others are invented. The reader has an open invitation to take a stroll amongst his dreams, to witness his fears and passions. He is letting it go, letting it be free for all to see. (hehe I did a little rhyme!) Toney wants the reader to truly feel something. As he points out in his introduction, they have all the power. Are we scared of our dreams? Why? Do they reveal the true face of what is holding us back in life? We as humans want to be noticed, loved, happy and free. Our dreams show us our desires and at the same time our own hell. It’s only natural that we want to feel something. It’s human nature yet we suppress it as it doesn’t fit into society’s law. It is through poetry, literature, any form of art that we can truly escape. Toney reminds the reader that its ok to feel scared or alone. Just feel something, express it and don’t hold back. Take something from it away with you, nurture it, love it, let it grow and see how remarkable life can be.

‘Let me spread my emotions around,
Like pebbles mixed into the sand
And watch as I form the tapestry
Of poetry in motion.’

Poetry isn’t just about rhyming couplets, haikus and repetition of words for dramatic effect. It’s about so, so much more that often goes unappreciated with today’s modern society. Toney is passionate about what he does and hopefully that will in turn transpose onto the reader who will open their eyes and admire poetry for the inspirational language that it is. It’s like the pineapple on a cocktail stick at parties. People tend to avoid it if possible and go straight for the sausages and crisps. It’s a rare taste that only a number of people enjoy. You either love it or hate it. However I hope in today’s society that this black and white view can be overcome and expanded upon. I can dream.

‘If you chose to see the unseen,
And hear the unheard,
Would it seem so strange
To witness the mushrooms bloom?’

I have a few favourites in this book, it was difficult to pick just one. In Then There Were Dragons, I was flying through the skies on their backs and looking at the world below. Plus DRAGONS! I love dragons! I could really relate to A World In My Mind. As writer I want to note down constantly my thoughts and feelings about the places I visit, my experiences, just everyday life. The art of writing is that the whole world is our canvas. Never in short supply of imagination. It’s torture yet utter bliss. Dragon And Owl made me ugly sob. My heart melted into a big gooey puddle with all the emotions for the love their friendship shared. Just thinking about it is starting me off again, I need a tissue.

‘The owl knew deep down,
That yes one day she’d die.’

By the end you have a load of questions brewing around in your brain. Is it possible to communicate with each other through our dreams? Have we all met each other in our dreams and are great friends but just don’t know it? Is that why we get that feeling of deja vu? So many possibilities. I love it!

‘And though I may drift upon dreams, I am yet made of something
more real than the simplest imagination.’

I give The Dreaming Key : A Story Of Poetry a Five out of Five paw rating.

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I was left feeling connected and not so alone. Always a good feeling to realise that, “Oh I’m not quite so mad after all”. Also Hope. Hope that in this crazy world we live in, that there is still some humanity left and we can live out our lives in peace while taking pleasure in the arts of the world. It’s a delightful little read and allows you to escape the noise that is currently happening around us and to just sit back and indulge in some fresh air of the poetry world. Beautiful.


Grab yourself a copy here and enjoy some breathtaking poetry that is a dream to read. See what I did there. Bad pun I know, but I had to! Also don’t forget to check out Jordan Toney’s other books, Ellipsis: Poems Of Disasters and Pause/Silence/Laughter: And Other Plays, just click on the titles to find your next exciting new read.


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