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Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your child’s story books came to life? Jumping out of the page and dancing around the room singing with your child? Who hasn’t! We can enjoy a quick (hot) cuppa while they have a wee jig. Thanks to the magic that is Toddlyworld this is now possible. Interested in taking a new musical journey about discovery and learning with your child? Read on dear reader and don’t forget to bring your tambourine!


Thank you to the lovely people at Toddlyworld for introducing us to the magical world of Toddly and Toddlybear. Also a big thank you to the awesome people at Boolino for giving us this opportunity to review these wonderful books. These bright, colourful board books get children enthusiastic and involved in reading. They tell the tales of Toddly and Todldybear’s adventures, learning and discovering about the world around them. We received 4 books from the series, Summer, Spring, Numbers and Stars By Stanka Wixted. All new fascinating discoveries for my little monsters.


The books are ideal for 2-5 year olds. There are small paragraphs so there’s not too much writing to overwhelm them and the text is bold, easy to read. The illustrations pop and  are fun to look at. The CD compliments and completes the whole package. What more could you ask for from a children’s book. Perfection.


We live in a world were technology is forever evolving. Our children are leaning how to use computers and iPads in school, some of them are better computer whizzes than me. By moving with the times yet still staying faithful to the written language, Toddlyworld are engaging children’s learning experience with their use of musical audiobook CDs. It’s a pleasure to see and I highly approve of mixing the old tradition with the new.


There are 3 tracks on each CD, a song, the audiobook and a lullaby. The perfect balance for young children. The song gets them excited and ready for the story. Then the audiobook whisks them off on the adventure. At the end the lullaby helps calm your little ones down after all the excitement. Something that’s always appreciated as a mother, as you never really know the power of the lullaby until you have children. It’s like magic how it can hypnotize your little monsters into needing a doze. Bliss. I also think the CD will be great for children who are struggling to read. They won’t miss out and be disheartened because they will get to hear the stories too. Toddlyworld has thought of everything.


The sound effects really help children picture themselves in the adventure along with the vibrant illustrations in the book. They can hear the sea or the birds and feel absorbed into the story. It enhances their experience and they can be apart of Toddlyworld with Toddly and Toddlybear.


Our favourite song was the Number song. We have been learning more about numbers lately and as soon as we hit play, my son was dancing about counting up to ten. I strongly believe these happy experiences really improve a child’s ability to learn. They will remember how much fun they had and will want to expand their knowledge. The more positivity that is shown, the more open they are to learning new things. These books help tremendously with this with their use of songs. It gets them up and involved helping them remember. And of course who doesn’t love a good sing-song.


We loved learning how Toddly remembers what the numbers look like. It’s a lot easier for children to have a silly fun way to remember things than a serious approach. Our favourite number was Zero as he looked like a doughnut. It then of course made us hungry for doughnuts. We might have had a cheeky one after we finished the book. Might have…


I also like the little morals in some of the stories. In Spring Toddly and Toddlybear eat too much chocolate and feel sick. Mummy is cross and they realise what they did was wrong so they offer to help with the spring cleaning to say sorry. Teaching children manners at a young age encourages them to continue it through to adulthood. Something I am always striving to teach my son, manners cost nothing.


Fun, full of music and learning I give the Toddlyworld Books a Five out of Five paw rating.

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We had lots of fun exploring Toddlyword. My son found Toddlybear cheeky and giggled at his funny voice. As I type now he is still singing the Numbers song! Happy and learning, this Mummy Bunny highly approves.


Click here to discover more and if you are interested in buying a copy of
Summer, Spring, Numbers and Stars click here and add some music to your story time.



Toddlyworld have a ton of new exciting stuff coming your way,  inspiring stories and videos for your children to enjoy. Check out the video below.

Discover more on the links below!

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Don’t forget to also check out Boolino, so many books with so many adventures and characters just waiting for you. A click away! My kind of heaven.


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