Ellipsis Poems Of Disasters By Jordan Toney (Review)

Have you ever imagined what the end of the world would be like? Will fire fall from the sky? Rivers turn to blood and a blanket of dust and bone cover the lands? Have you ever asked yourself the morbid “What if? What would happen? What would it be like?” Questions flood your brain with no sure way of uncovering the answers. Or is there…

Thank you to Jordan Toney for sending me his wonderful poetry collection, Ellipsis Poems Of Disasters. If you haven’t already you need to check his work out. It’s so refreshing to read a piece of literature that feeds my imagination. It’s extremely rare these days to come across a genuinely creative piece of writing. I have been starved for some inspiring poetry since my university days. So when I received Ellipsis Poems Of Disasters I was more than excited to once again swan dive into the mysterious world that is poetry. I resurfaced feeling revived and refreshed from my self-indulgent dip wanting to put pen to paper and unleash my imagination.


Ellipsis tells of the disaster that is the end of the world. A collection of poems showing the reader the apocalyptic outcome of it all. Yet still portraying raw emotion, the real fears of the human race and our self-destructive nature to the very place we call home.

‘…We thought we knew then, something was amiss
But we did not heed the warning signs.
We looked up and cried out to the lightning.’

As we know an ellipsis is cutting out what’s not necessary, the waffling if you’d rather. Dots in a line. Toney does this perfectly. Told in nine chapters, Toney immerses the reader in his world where panic, fear and loss are strong characters we encounter as we roam the familiar landscapes of Earth. Trust me when I say this dear reader, you are going to what to read this hidden gem.


The way Toney has set out each poem in this collection really adds to the suspense. You can’t help but want to continue reading as soon as you finish each poem. You get greedy and want more and more, if you are like me I HAD to finish it in one sitting. I didn’t want to put it down and that’s rare for me to do these days. Extremely rare. I savoured every last detail as I reached the inevitable end. Living in the moment and experiencing it for what it is rather than overindulge and be left bloated. I still crave more but that’s the beauty of the end isn’t it. It’s never truly over as it’s open to interpretation. You can continue the story in your head, it never just…Ends. Got to love literature and its writers.

I am a big admirer of imagery. It can be a very hit and miss concept in poetry or writing in general. Writers can use too much and confuse the reader or not enough leaving the reader starved. Toney does neither of these. He not only sculpted the vision in my mind, but hijacks my senses allowing me to have a front row seat as the world burns to a crisp.

‘Houses were falling down like snow.
Doors and walls folded up like playing cards.’

It’s strangely enchanting and hypnotic. To feel the ice prickle at my skin while the ground shakes at my feet with each page I turn. The panic and chaos painted in my mind allowing my imagination to heighten what Toney has already set in motion. It’s definitely an experience and the poetic nature of it makes it that much more delicious.

I enjoyed reading the clever little hints at how today’s modern society are always watching but never noticing. We live in a world where smartphones and electronic devices are glued to our hands. We are constantly looking down, living life through a screen, watching but never taking in the natural beauty of what surrounds us everyday. Most people can’t leave the house without their phones and I am guilty as charged for this crime. Yet on the odd occasion I have managed to leave the black mirror behind, there is a sense of bliss when I’m not plugged in. A sense of freedom and peace, no noise and nonsense. Ellipsis made me realise that if the world was to end; ironically we would all probably find out about it on twitter before looking up to the sky and seeing the big ball of burning fire-death hurtling towards us. We are becoming a race of hunched over, square eyed synthetic flesh that will one day wonder why we always looked down and never up.

‘The news stations all seemed to ignore
The fact that everything was upside down
And they talked and talked
Nonsense on screen
While the whole world watched
Instead of noticing the world was on fire
And burning.’

It sends a slight chill down my spine at how real and relatable these poems are. If the end of the world happened, would we notice? These poems make you ask yourself so many questions and draw you in to the fact that this could one day become a reality. Who knows…

I give Ellipsis Poems Of Disasters a Five out of Five paw rating.

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I loved it. The imagery, the suspense and the sheer fear of the end. Toney is a master of his craft. My bunny paws applaud you, Sir and look forward to reading more of your work. Next on the list is Pause/Silence/Laughter: And Other Plays, a collection of short plays. My inner thespian is already excited and waiting in the wings.




You can buy a copy of Ellipsis Poems Of Disasters here. Go ahead and enrich your mind with some breathtaking poetry. Also check out Jordan Toney’s other works here. More people need to be exposed to Toney’s writing and the absolute pleasure of reading his work. I am all about supporting authors and their talent, share the love and lets keep the world alive with creativity. Discover more about Jordan Toney on the links below. Enjoy!


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