Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane (Boolino Friends Book Review)


Pack your bags and grab your passport because we are flying off on an adventure today across the globe. From Australia to New York there’s so much to see and do. Come fly with us and let’s see what the world has to offer. Boarding passes at the ready please, your plane is now boarding. Excited? I am! Let’s go!


A massive thank you to Boolino as always for introducing this wonderful little story to our ever-growing library. Also to Big Sunshine Books for sending us Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane by Caroline Baxter and illustrated by Izabela Ciesimska. They are a brand new shiny, specialist children’s book publisher who focus on producing nothing but beautifully illustrated books for children aged 0-5. They are a strong believer of Bright Books For Bright Minds and know that the pre-school years are an exciting time in a child’s development. Books have a hugely positive effect on language and literacy skills and Big Sunshine Books helps teach this by nurturing their love of reading. This makes me happy, publishers such as Big Sunshine Books being passionate about reading/learning/discovery for younger children. The world always needs more bookworms! We can never, ever have enough. So turn off the TV and settle down with your cheeky monsters and some good old-fashioned imagination.


The Story

Pilot Jane and her pink jet Rose travel the world going on fantastic adventures. But one day after filling up on a bit too much cake fuel, Rose is ill and can’t fly  the Queen of England to a party! Who will fly Jane there? Will she make it in time? Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take off!


Our Review

Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane is a delightful read for your little ones aged 2-5 years old. However as a grown woman, I rather enjoyed it (She says with a beaming big smile across her face.) Published on 8th March to coincide with International Woman’s Day, this book celebrates Girl Power with a modern twist. It also shares a critically positive message about the importance of teamwork which is great for young children to learn. By understanding from an early age that by helping one another, you can achieve your goals.


My son loved Jane, that she was a strong female role model as it showed him that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Just like Mummy working hard as a writer despite being dyslexia. From a child’s point of view, they see everything as a possibility and that’s how it should be. We should encourage it and books such as this do a brilliant job of it. He wanted his own pink plane by the time we finished the book. It’s absolutely amazing to see more and more female characters taking on the main role in stories. If we continue to teach children that boys and girls can do the same things as each other, then we are heading in the right direction and promoting equality. And that’s always a good thing to encourage. If my son wants a pink plane, he will have a pink plane. And likewise, if I ever have a little girl who wants to play with blue cars, she will play with blue cars. There’s no harm and everyone should have the right to be able to express who they are. Girl AND Boy POWER!



We loved jetting off to all sorts of different countries with Jane and Rose. It’s always fun discovering and learning about the world in children’s books. Especially when it’s a rhyming story. They are always the best because it gets you into a rhythm and helps the story flow. It stays with you and you can’t help but have a big grin on your face as you sing Jane and Rose’s song.


The beautifully colourful pictures were the icing on the cake. They brought our imaginations to life and reminded us of Disney films. The detail is superb and with each read through we have discovered something new on each page. My son enjoyed pointing to the stamps of where Jane and Rose have traveled and repeating the countries. Great fun as a technique for younger children to learn country names and to associate them with big landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s that little extra touch that makes this book hold a special place on our story time bookshelf.


I couldn’t help but smile at the little details such as cake fuel and lemon tea. It’s things like this that really help give a book its personality. The author and illustrator have really banded together and thought about everything. It’s creative and a joy to read. Makes me hungry too for cake which I can never complain about. Chocolate cake anyone?


Our Rating

I give Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane a Five out of Five paw rating.

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We absolutely loved this book and it has become one of our favourites. We have read it at least a hundred times! We simply can not get enough of Jane and Rose. We really, really hope to read more of their adventures. We have a tiny suggestion for doughnut fuel in a future adventure too! Jam doughnut fuel!

Other useful wibbly-wobbly links

Grab a copy here of Pilot Jane And The Runaway Plane from Boolino for only
£4.89 £6.99 save 30%! While you’re there why not have a little browse. Your bound to come across a new exciting read for you and your monkeys.



Don’t forget to also check out Big Sunshine Books! I can’t wait to see what other books they publish. They are a new publishers and are going to be publishing many more adventures for you and your little ones to explore. Let’s keep on promoting reading from a young age and supporting publishers such as Big Sunshine Books who strive to achieve this. Books, reading, it’s all such a magical world that always needs more exposure. There’s so many different worlds and characters to meet. It’s a never-ending adventure that lives on for years and years, from generation to generation. Just beautiful.




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