The Impressionists-Moonlight Publishing (Boolino Book Review)


My boys love their art, especially my eldest. I can give him a pad of paper with some paints and he is a happy chappy for hours. He mixes the colours, experiments with different brushes and has fun with it. With a dash of creativity and inspiration a blank canvas can soon become a work of art. Grab yourself some paints and let’s get painting! I have an artistic book to share with you this week that has made a huge impression on me.


Thank-you to the fabulous people at Moonlight Publishing and Boolino for sending me a copy of The Impressionists, illustrated by Jean-Philippe ChabotMoonlight Publishing offer over 50 other My First Discoveries titles. So what are you waiting for? Discover something new today! The world we live in is fascinating, to watch our children learn through such creative books is heartwarming. You can never, ever have too many books!


Aimed at 4-9 year olds, The Impressionists is the perfect read for your little Van Gogh’s to learn about this style of painting in a clear but factually fun way. This book is filled with beautiful examples of impressionist’s paintings such as Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. Don’t be surprised if your little one rushes outside armed with paints the minute you have finished the last sentence. Better make some space on the fridge to hang all those masterpieces.


There’s not too much information thrown at you, just enough to help learn and understand about this revolutionary movement. Often books such as this can overload you with the facts but THIS, this is a lovely little balance that encourages you both to learn more with every page you turn. There is just the right amount of text accompanied by illustrations that help you both have a clean and informative understanding.


Moonlight Publishing are passionate about learning and it’s shown masterfully in this book. Discovery has been a big theme behind their publishing and works with captivating and holding children’s attention. No wonder they have sold over 40 million copies in 30 languages around the world. They are exceptionally good at nurturing little minds and curiosity that promote them to discover the world from their own unique perspective. We have definitely learned a lot after reading The Impressionists and can’t wait to share our knowledge with others.


We loved how they explained the way The Impressionists painted the play of light on people and the landscapes around them. The transparent pages really helped to highlight this in great examples and show my little artists how it was done. He really enjoyed flipping the pages back and forth as it helped him have a clearer understanding. It’s approaches such as this, well constructed and tangible that make education entertaining  and accessible children.



I give The Impressionists a Five out of Five Paw rating. It’s fun, factual and inspires your little ones to get creative and paint the world around them.

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Grab yourself a copy here for only £6.29 from Boolino. Discover the painters that mastered the use of their impressions of the world around them. The world always needs more art! So lets create some! Happy reading and painting.


Don’t forget to check out Moonlight Publishing as they have tons of titles for you to discover. Their books are literally works of art! Enjoy and discovery something new and exciting today.


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