FIGHT!!! My Dream Loot Crate!

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned beat-em-up. A tonne of button bashing, that rush of adrenaline when you’re on a winning streak and your little victory dance at the end when you a crowned WINNER! If you’re a avid gamer like me, it’s a big deal, I’ve earned my blistered claw hands for the hours of gameplay I have partaken in. It’s an honour to have them bestowed upon me. That’s the real prize, that feeling of satisfaction that you have mastered every move for every character. A healthy and therapeutic way to let off steam if you can’t afford a gym membership or take a karate class. Did I mention fun too? Now, who shall I choose for the next round? I think I’ll go with my favourite, Panda!


I found out that awesome people at Loot Crate put together a project for fans to create their very own dream Loot Crate How awesome is that? If you love all things pop culture then you NEED to check these guys out. Pause whatever you are doing and take a look, you’re gonna want to see this. I will wait here for you and sip my chai tea while you have a little look. Go go go!

Loot Cratelc-logo-black-7195a42c50379261f1132334f8d17aa3f80322d685f7c9b045c2b6e9df722997.pngBoxOpen-bea58e0c3a22894e1f1aadc5cb1664a5.png

….And your back! So what did you think? Amazing right? That they put together monthly subscriptions crates bursting with the best and most exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more! Basically, all things geek! A label I wear loudly with pride and confidence every day. I have no shame in the things that make me happy bringing extra joy to my life and nor should you. What’s even more great about Loot Crate there’s also no pressure as you can cancel your subscription at any time or even skip a month and start again later. Who doesn’t love receiving monthly boxes filled with goodies direct to your door. You deserve to have a treat now and then, so why not a crate jam-packed with awesomeness! They do crates from anime to gaming and beyond, even crates for your pets so your beloved K9 friend can look fashionably geek with you on your daily walkies. Their franchise range varies from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Firefly (sheds a tear for such a great show being cancelled way too soon! And then that travesty of a movie!!!! YOU DON’T KILL WASH) Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Is your inner fangirl/boy squealing yet? They are always adding new content and love to help answer any questions readers might have. They also have had Wash do a few videos for the Firefly crate. *Starts playing with toy dinosaurs* “Yes. Yes. This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land! And we will call it… this land!”


If I am lucky enough for my dream crate to be chosen, it could become a real crate for a month’s subscription. Radical! Let the battle commence. My theme is of course the classic Beat-Em-Ups (FIGHT!) Featuring the franchises of Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Let me introduce you to my tag team for my dream Loot Crate. Continue? Insert coin here! …9…8…7


1.) Street Fighter T-shirt 


Loot Crate (From €11)

Introducing player one, this FIGHT Street Fighter tee from Loot Crate. It’s the perfect item of clothing for your world-wide tournaments with your friends. The striking red complements this design and is definitely a winner on my team. Especially as some of the characters are cleverly included in the silhouette of FIGHT. Wear it proudly and fight for what you believe in. It may only be a t-shirt to some but to us it’s a symbol of strength, courage and determination that only our community truly appreciate. Get ready for the next battle!

2.) Jin Pop Vinyl Figure 

11404516-2444457395104513.jpg  (From £9.99)

*Squeals* Just look at how adorable Jin is in pop vinyl figure form. Awww! He’s trying to act all tough but he is just the cutest. *clears throat* Apologies, I don’t know what came over me there dear reader. But…look at him, he is just so CUTE! Who wouldn’t want a mini Jin to protect their home. He would literally melt intruders with his big chibi eyes. JUST.SO.CUTE! I need one bad!

3.) Mortal Kombat Scorpion Spear Bottle Opener

shoppingkk.jpg (From £22)

Why settle for a boring mundane bottle opener when you can have this! Your very own Scorpion spear. It’s the perfect addition for your kitchen. I also imagine that this is how Scorpion opens bottles. I mean, he can make spears appear out of his hands. Might as well use them when he needs to open a bottle or two. The next time you hear someone asking for a bottle opener you can yell “GET OVER HERE!

4.) Akuma Kanji Travel Mug 

shoppinglll.jpg (From £15)

Keep hydrated on the go with this Akuma Kanji Travel Mug. A simple, sleek yet effective design that is a must for any hardcore fan. Only you and your fellow gamers will know what the symbol means. (MUHAHAHAHA! That was my best impression of an evil laugh. Failed yes I know, will now hang my head in shame.) Everyone else is oblivious which is the beauty of it. Thirsty? Ready for round five?

5.) Tekken Hat

tekken-heihachi-cap-snapback-cap.png (From £16)

With Tekken 7 a matter of months away it only seems fitting to welcome it in style with this trendy hat trick. Heihachi! Crying! What more do you need! The guy is someone you really don’t want to mess with yet here he is shedding a tear. Just like the Jin figure it’s making me go Awwww! It’s also getting me excited for the upcoming release of Tekken 7, it has been years! Curious as to why he is crying and how it ties in with the game. *jumps up and down* I want to play it now! But need to wait! Ahh!

6.) Mortal Kombat Comic

133837.jpeg.size-600_maxheight-600_square-true.jpg (From £10) 

Books are my life! If I could live inside a library or book shop, I would. I am definitely one of those girls that fell in love with the library over the beast. I am loving my graphic novels and comics lately (especially my Harley Quinn ones) and so had to have a Mortal Kombat one on this list as it’s one of my favourite beat-em-ups. What hooks me in is the attention to detail. The artwork fascinates me, I want to frame every page on my bedroom wall. I also enjoy finding out more about the characters that the games don’t always have time for. Back stories have always interested me. Really need to read this now! Who wants to come comic shopping with me?



Oops sorry, got a little carried away.

So there you have it, my line up of my dream Loot Crate. Can’t wait to see what others come up with. I just love this form of creativity! I have fully enjoyed this project and am now itching to get on the Playstation and do some serious butt kicking against my husband. Panda never fails me! I hope you have enjoyed this and would love to hear your thoughts on my crate idea. What would you have in yours? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out Loot Crate and mention it to your fellow team-mates. Two words. Geek heaven!


You can also find them on Twitter, instagram, Facebook and Youtube! 


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