What I Take For Granted

The Burrow this week has been a constant mad-house, complete with maniacal laughter and hall of mirrors. “Why?” You may ask. I shall tell you, dear reader. Pop the kettle on, grab a bag of nibbles, pull up a pew and listen to a tale of woe and misery involving aching of the heart.


Ok, so that all sounds more dramatic than it actually is but hey, it’s the writer and thespian in me. Basically, it all went to sh*t on Wednesday morning. Pardon my language but it did. We were on our way to an important bank meeting and with two boys and a Bunny (me of course) with no sense of time-keeping, we were running a little late. Not to mention some unwanted hassle from a very selfish person that we shall not speak of as they are beyond help. Urgh! Anyway. It was a stressful morning, so unfortunately my husband was not in a great state of mind and he slipped down the slope near our back gate and popped his knee out. He has a history of his knee popping out from an old rugby injury. In the 6 years we have been together, it has never popped out. Never. So this was all new territory to me. I was still inside the house when this happened, making a bottle up for Mogwai. Cabbit comes running in saying, “Daddy! Oh no! Daddy! Daddy fell, oh no!” Which naturally raised alarm bells.I dashed outside and find husband on the floor holding his knee and writhing in agony. Poor Mogwai is by his feet but safely in his car seat. I later found out that he had fallen on his side of his seat (thankfully completely contained and fine) and just smiled at his father because everything was hunky dory for him. He is such a happy baby! seriously, he is always happy! He is ok and very much healthy. No knocks and no bruises. I stood frozen for a few seconds as I had no idea what to do. Do I help husband first or tend to the boys? I was lost and completely dazed by what I was witnessing. Instinct took me by the hand and lead me to my husband. He told me to get the boys back in the house and make sure they were safe before tending to him. I agreed as I knew it was the right thing to do. Once Mogwai and Cabbit were safe I helped my husband inside and rang our local GP. I did insist on an ambulance, but husband refused saying it wouldn’t be serious enough to bother the emergency services. (I of course huffed at this.)About 30 minutes later a pair of paramedics turned up and tended to the wounded. Unfortunately the only thing to be done was to rest up, take strong pain killers and apply ice.


And breathe. *Takes sip of slightly cold tea* Since this unfortunate accident I have been running around like a crazy person. Making sure husband takes his tablets, has enough to drink and eat, looking after the boys, the animals, cooking, cleaning, the list is endless. I barely get five minutes sometimes to even pee in peace without someone calling for my help. I have been thoroughly run ragged. (I have only manged to blog this because it is the early hours of the morning before anyone is awake. I feel I am going slightly mad from lack of sleep!!!) However in the precious few minutes that I have had to myself it made me realise how much I take for granted. I rely on my husband for lots of little things that I didn’t realise until now. Things like taking the bin out, off-loading the weekly shopping and strapping Mogwai in the car in his car seat. Things that I don’t really do because my husband just does them to help. Tiny little things that I take for granted. Strangely in ways it’s good that my husband has to rest up and be helpless because it gives me a chance to gain some independence back. I believe that once we are in a relationship we rely on one another in so many ways. We take on responsibilities and share the load so it’s equal and fair. Yet sometimes we never truly appreciate the other one’s jobs. We take it for granted that they do help out, we just tend not to see it as we are busy doing our ones.


When you’re in a relationship you work as a team and help each other out. If one person is doing all the work than something is not right. I completely and utterly love my husband and things like this make me realise how lucky I am to get one of the good ones. He wants to help out and does the dirty work the same as me. We work well as a team and always support each other. Both times I was recovering my c-section wound he has devoted all his time and attention on me, going so far as to take official time away from his studies while he was at uni. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. Getting teary now, stop it!


This week has shown me that I am still that strong and independent Bunny I have always been, but also that I really shouldn’t take the little things my husband does for granted because it all adds up to the bigger, beautiful picture. I will make more effort to thank him and take over his jobs and vice-versa. Hopefully it will show our two boys that when you’re in a relationship you should love and support each other through the worst and best of times. To be strong and still have your independence, but to also allow your partner/wife/husband to help you when you need it and to be there to help them in turn. To be there for the ones you love. Oh love, you strange gorgeous thing you.


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Let’s tackle those Monday blues together with a cheeky drop of cider and this awesome tune! Let me hear you now, SPACE PANTS! Yep, it’s happened. I have gone mad…

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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