Say NO To Valentine’s Day

Did I read that right? You may be wondering. What on earth is this crazy (but cute *wink*) Bunny going on about? Well my dear lovely readers allow me to explain a little. Pull up a chair and I shall tell all. Maybe have a cup of tea or glass of wine, just incase you are in need of refreshment. I know I am.


Valentine’s Day is overrated, in my opinion. I am happily married but really don’t see the appeal of this over-the-top day. Historically, it is a day to celebrate a saint but over the years it has turned into this heart-shaped EVERYTHING love fest. There are cards to be bought, presents to be given and chocolates to be eaten. A day to celebrate love. Excuse me a moment while I throw up. Oh, I have nothing against love, I am a soppy romantic at heart. But I hate the pressure that this day brings. Did you get a good enough card this year? Who got the most expensive gift? Which restaurant will be the most romantic to dine in? Will ten thousand candles be enough? Is that heart shaped petal arrangement on the bed a bit wonky? Surely everyday you should show loved ones that you love them? Not just wait until society deems one day more appropriate? Better go buy some roses and a card with appalling poetry in. Lord Byron would not approve.


When I was single I would spend Feb 14th camped out in front of the tv with a bottle of wine, watching typical romantic movies and doing my best Bridget Jones impression. I felt like utter crap because I didn’t have a boyfriend to woo with candles and a trail of fake rose petals leading to the boudoir. I felt ugly, fat, questioned why anyone would love me as I sobbed into my second tub of Ben and Jerry’s. I hated myself and all because of a stupid day that means nothing. Well apart from the actual point of it, hello celebration of a saint people! Can we have some cake over here please? I believe it was while I was at university that I realised that I didn’t have to be part of the whole charade. I was out clubbing it up with some mates, busting out the chicken dance when the DJ shouted out about it being Valentine’s Day. I had been so caught up in life in a new city, coursework deadlines and enjoying myself that I had completely forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. And that’s when it hit me. Why not just treat it as any other day? Why not just go on with my life and ignore the obnoxious freak feast that is Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s like you need to be a special member in order to celebrate it. You have to be in love and shower your partner with gifts of affection that we all know will end up in the bin before the day is out. Do they really need a mug saying WORLD’S BEST LOVER in the kitchen. Imagine if you accidentally gave that mug to your nan if she came over for tea? Awkward! Does making a big gesture on Valentine’s Day mean that you love your partner more than you would on any other day? Hell no! Everyday showing your love should be celebrated. Waking them up with cups of tea, leaving little notes for them to find in their lunch and simply telling them everyday that you love them. That is what we should celebrate, but privately. Between the sheets and in the arms of our lover. Not rubbing it in people’s faces that we have been lucky to find someone and making them feel like they never will. I still can’t believe that I am married with two boys. I had been single for most of my life and was always the one that had on/off boyfriends. But I just accepted it and got on, enjoyed myself and then BAM I met my Panda. It was at the right time and it was perfect. So, if you’re single on this horrible day please, please do not buy that microwave dinner for one with a cheap bottle of prosecco to down while you watch The Notebook. Go out and see your friends, or do something that you enjoy. Read a book, play a game, have a relaxing bubble bath even, but do not feel bad about not having someone. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are and believe me, they are out there. You will meet, just not yet. So until you do. Enjoy yourself and take pride in who you are. Use this day to celebrate you!


Me and my husband treat Valentine’s Day as any other day. We don’t buy each other presents or cards. We just don’t believe in it. When we first started dating we did but since then we don’t see the big deal as we know our love is real and a card is not going to make it any more real than us saying it. We tell each other everyday and still can’t get enough of each other. We don’t buy our love. We live it, breathe it and share it with one another. But that’s just us as a couple. Every couple is different. If you celebrate it, then good for you, nothing wrong with it. Personally it’s just not my thing. I will be saying NO to Valentine’s Day. No thank you, I do not choo choo choose you! I will be making pizzas with my boys and watching horror films with my panda as we giggle at the bad acting while stuffing our faces with nachos.


I hope you all have a fabulous week and don’t overthink this coming Tuesday. It’s just a day, an ordinary day! Here is a little video to help survival this annoying day. Enjoy!


hop wiggle wiggle.

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