Moving To Scotland!

As I sip my iron bru, surveying the landscape of boxes before me, I can’t help but laugh maniacally to myself. Why did we decide to move to another country while I was heavily pregnant again? Oh right, that was it. Because we are mad! Mad as the mad hatter drinking endless cups of tea and celebrating unbirthdays with a hare and sleepy door mouse. I think it’s safe to say I would be the hare since I am a bunny. Husband the hatter and Cabbit the mouse. Ok, I have gone off on a tangent. Let’s try this show again.


Hello beautiful readers! I hope you are all well. The past weeks, months even, have just been non stop. We bought a house! In Scotland! Yes, that is as crazy as it sounds considering we lived in England and have no family or friends in Scotland. Just our last name, my husbands heritage. Very proud of it too. It will be just us 4, well 8 if you include 2 guinea pigs and 2 bunnies. How scary is that?


I had never been to Scotland before we started looking for our new burrow. My vision of it was lots of men in colourful skirts playing bagpipes in the cold and rain. Very narrow-minded of me I know, not to mention stereotypical. But I guess you watch so many movies and things are portrayed in a certain way it kinda sticks. Imagine my shock when I realised it was far from all that. As we approached the border I could see the outline of hills dusted with handfuls of heather and fog. A truly breathtaking sight as the sun was slowly peeking out behind them to welcome us to our new adventure in the highlands. As we drove further in it was ridiculously clear to see why people escape to this magical land. After a long day of house viewing we hopped to Loch Ness to feed Nessie and reflect on what could possibly be our new life. I swear the weather follows us at times as it was a gloriously sunny day with temperatures of 25 degrees. Again, I had never been to Loch Ness and have always been interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. Plus to see if I could spot the mythical beast that is Nessie. Well, what can I say. I fell in love. It sold me that this was the place for us to start our new chapter. It has become one of my favourite places to be. As we fed pebbles to Nessie I saw future picnics and happy family filled memories sway gently around me. The boys skipping stones together as me and hubby sip cider watching blissfully on and smiling at how glorious life can be. I felt at home. Not only that but the house we had just viewed was perfect for our growing family. For once in a long time things were slowly starting to fit together for us. It felt right. It felt like us.


Saying Hello To Nessie!


The Start Of Something New


Loch Ness ❤

After a lot and I mean a lot of talking we made one of the biggest decisions of our life to uproot and move to Scotland. AHHH! Scary yet exciting! We knew it would’t be an easy journey but when is it? Not to mention that if we were going to do this, I mean really do this it would be around the time of Mogwai’s birth. I would have to contact the local hospital, midwives, GP basically start all over again with a different health team. A big headache but totally worth it as I discovered that the health care team are a hell of a lot more helpful and friendly here. There is no scowling or rushing to get through your appointment because they couldn’t care less and want to pop out to fetch a panini. There’s a real sense of community and care that was blatantly absent down in London. Here I feel like I am talking to a friend and am not dismissed so easily. I feel like my voice is listened to and I am valued as a person. It may not be like that for everyone but that was just my experience of it all.


Our Life In Boxes


The Boy Helping Us Move

I hope I never fall out of love with Scotland. I think it’s impossible. It’s just, just breathtaking. A lot of people have questioned us with “But why Scotland?” Well, you have to really see it to see why. I can’t do it justice with mere words. The views, the weather, the people it’s all part of a gorgeously decorated cake that is too good to eat. You dare not cut a slice for it will ruin the whole effect yet you’re desperate to taste its spongey centre. It’s calling to you like a siren and you cant help but steal a cheeky bit of icing when no ones looking. And it’s everything you ever dreamed it would be. You can’t explain it but my god its the best damn cake you have ever tasted. I really want cake now.


Waking Up To This Every Morning, Yes Please!

It wasn’t until we had the keys in our paws that we took a minute to stop and think “Wow, this is really happening!” It’s crazy how fast things move once they are set in motion. Before we knew it we had boxed up our life and shoved it in a lorry to drive 600 miles to our new home. Between being heavily pregnant, having a small human in the backseat and animals we had plenty of pit stops. I believe it took us about 13 hours! At the time it didn’t feel that long but then again I was occupied with Starbucks and a DS with Pokemon.

But yes, Scotland! We are in you and here to stay. Now to sort out the house. Considering how fast things have moved and I was heavily pregnant (Mogwai has now been born! YAY!) we have got a lot done. Yet it doesn’t feel like it. It’s a strange feeling, we sort out one thing and then move on to next one but don’t take the time to sit back and congratulate ourselves on what we have achieved so far. Something my husband pointed out to me the other night. So here it is, just for us, well done! Take a break and have a cuppa before Mogwai wakes up or Cabbit starts demanding another trip to the park for the ten thousandth time today.


Home ❤

I hope you have enjoyed this little post, apologies for lack of online presence but with the move and birth it has been difficult finding a spare minute to sit down and blog. I am hoping that over the next few weeks things will slowly shape itself into a little routine and I can blog weekly again. I am dreaming big here, having two boys to run around after is more difficult than I thought. Not to mention sorting out our new home and discovering the local area. Oh life, you’ve got to love it!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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