The Hungry Mouse. Boolino Audio Book review

A short and sweet bedtime story with a lesson. 

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+2 years
Audio Bedtime Story


Have you even been so hungry that you feel like you could literally consume all the food in the world? Your stomach is rumbling “Feed me please?” So when you do finally have food in front of you, you start shoving and stuffing as much as you can in fear of never eating again. Then it hits you! Bang! As quick as The Flash! You reach that painful point of being uncomfortable and start loosing your belt buckle for a little give as your stomach feels like it has inflated to the size of a house. You are 100% stuffed! As the famous saying goes, “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach” This couldn’t be more true in this story, The Hungry Mouse.



What Mummy Thought Of It

It reminded me a lot in ways of The Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle. The caterpillar ate and ate until he could’t eat anymore and went into a cocoon. Lucky for the caterpillar though he turned into a beautiful butterfly. Our dear little friend the hungry mouse will have to wait it out till she gets free. I enjoyed how the lesson was woven into the story and thought it was cleverly done. Children need to learn about eating the right amount in today’s world as there is a scary rise in obesity. Listening to your body and knowing the consequences of overeating is shown brilliantly in the story which helps children understand why it is so important not to stuff their little faces. There’s nothing I like better than a story with a lesson.




What Cabbit Thought Of It

Cabbit loved being snuggled up with me under a blanket as we listened away while drinking some warm milk before bedtime. When the mouse got stuck he said “Oh No!” And was worried that she would be there forever. I reminded him of the time poor old Pooh Bear in The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh (1977) ate so much at Rabbit’s that he got stuck. He tried to leave but couldn’t so had to wait it out. Cabbit remembered and did a little clap as over time Pooh got pulled free. We hoped for the same fate of the hungry mouse and both knew that she had learned her lesson.


The Lesson

This story teaches children to not over-eat otherwise they could end up like the hungry mouse. Teaching children about eating a good healthy portion is extremely important as overeating can lead to diabetes and obesity. Just knowing the right amount and knowing when they are full will help them lead a healthy lifestyles. No good can ever come from over-eating. It might feel good at the time but it always leaves you feeling depressed and bloated. I have been lucky with my son as he only eats what his little tummy can handle. He has at times even said no to chocolate cake (one of his favourites) for dessert as he is too full from dinner. He knows his limits and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Saying no to cake is a hard thing to do. I even struggle at times! It’s cake!

Our Rating

We give this audiobook a 4/5 paw rating as it teaches children a very important lesson about self-indulgence. We are only giving it a 4 because we both wanted to know what happened to the mouse at the end and how long she was stuck for. Other than that a very interesting tale for children aged 2+ about what happens when you over-eat more than your fair share.

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If you are interested in listening to the The Hungry Mouse you can find it here on the Boolino website. Happy reading and learning!

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