Keeping Cool This Summer With A Toddler. Oh and being pregnant!

I’m sure you have all heard the news over the past few days without even stepping a toe outside your front door. It’s hot. Like really, seriously hot. Being on holiday weather hot. Cooked alive hot. Red lobster look hot. Hot hot hot! I’m sure you get the point and I will do by best to not mention the word hot too much; if you’re anything like me, it instantly makes me melt and collapse into a sweaty puddle. I can’t deny that this weather is utterly, disgustingly gorgeous. It makes you want to wander around in the nude, drink buckets and buckets of Pimms (unfortunately for me – being pregnant I can’t do this one) and tan yourself hollywood beautiful. If only it was that easy. There are laws in place that stop us being naked outside, being drunk all day is never advised and no matter how much suntan lotion you apply you always end up a traffic light red. However do not despair dear readers, I have a few pointers on keeping your cool this summer. *chin chin*


Enjoying The Sun With My Little Monster.


It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin Or Else It Gets The Hose Again

I always think of Stewie Griffon when I hear this famous movie quote. But it is important! Not the quote. Suntan lotion! Apply, apply and apply. Extremely vital to protect your skin against the Death Star that is the sun. Sunburn is a bitch. We use Nivea Sun for Kids Moisturising Sun Spray Factor 50+.


We choose the coloured one as it’s a hell of a lot easier to see where we have applied it to a wriggling toddler, helps to see if you have missed a patch. Although saying that; lately he’s been really good with letting us put suntan lotion on him. He offers his arm and even tries to help. No attempts at tasting it as yet but I won’t put it past him. Children’s skin is more sensitive and softer than adult’s which means of course that it burns easier. Smother your child in suntan lotion before heading out anywhere and remember to re-apply throughout the day. This also applies to us adults. Taking care of one’s skin in summer is key. Don’t neglect it, love it and look after it. No one else will. Unless you are of course a child and have your parents to. Lucky sods!


Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my dark colours, scarves and layering my clothes. I am not a summer dresser. I’m really not. It’s not my style. I am very much an autumn and winter person. I hate showing too much skin or the tops of my arms to the world. Just not me. So you can imagine that in this kind of weather, I literally die. I do my best to survive, but if you’re like me, a rare creature of darkness then I will share with you a few tips to help our ongoing battle with the sun.

  • Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

I can’t think of anything worse to wear in the heat than skin-tight clothing. Why? How is that comfortable? When I see people out and about in really tight tops I question how the hell does their skin breathe? Do they not feel restricted and uncomfortable? In my opinion it’s just a bad idea. What you need in this weather is baggy, loose-fitting clothing that flows and BREATHES. Trust me, buying a size up is a life saver when it’s 32 degrees outside, plus if you’re pregnant. You can move freely and not feel your clothing is trying to strangle you like a hungry boa constrictor. I advise this for children too, they need to breathe as well. Nothing worse than an angry toddler screaming full pelt because their clothes are too tight.



  • Who Wears Short Shorts

My son wears shorts! But not too short. That would be a bit wrong in my opinion. I have honestly seen VERY young girls parading around in hot pants! HOT PANTS!!! What the hell? Did I miss something? Anyway, what was I saying. Ah yes. We often buy him cotton shorts as they are more comfortable for him and give him the movement he requires for running around causing havoc.


My Boy Showing Off His Legs!

There has been talks of eventually getting him a kilt in our clan’s tartan. Teamed with a pair of Dr Marten’s of course. Has to be done. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of shorts. Unless you’re counting pyjama shorts. I tend to go for three-quarter lengths or long flowing skirts. Especially with an elasticated waist. Makes such a difference in pregnancy with an ever-growing bump. Nothing worse than a tight waistline digging into you causing you more agony than you need on an armpit sweating day.


Keeping It Cool Together.


  • The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It makes me laugh how much at first my son hated hats. It would always end up with him throwing it across the room and laughing. But lately he seems to be loving them. I guess he just wasn’t as interested at the time. His favourite hat at the moment is his little blue straw one we got from Tesco’s. Hats are hat-tastic (see what I did there? Bad I know) for making sure you don’t scorch your head raw. They can also be stylish and jazz up an outfit in an instant.


I have a black pork pie hat that has saved me many a time when it has become all too much for my head. I sometimes pretend I’m in a mafia film like The Godfather when I’m wearing it. I know, I know. I am far too cool for my own good. I can make you an offer you won’t refuse though…Cake?


  • Cover Up Girl

I always cover my shoulders with floaty open shirts and cardigans. It really helps keep them safe from the harsh rays of the sun. Of course they must have a little bit of a bag so any rare breeze that passes by can refresh my sweaty self. I do love dressing in black and then adding a bit of colour with a shirt, kimono or cardigan. Simple yet effective I think. You don’t want to go too crazy with prints and such. Can be a nightmare for your eyes and a fashion disaster waiting to happen.


Blue & White Butterfly & Tile Print Lightweight Woven Wrap From Yours Clothing £15


  • I love your dress, it’s so tight!

Oh Morticia Addams you set the bar high for long dress fashion. I wish I could pull off her look but I just look like an overstuffed California Roll. All the filling spewing out and making a right mess. Not a pretty sight or a tasty bit of sushi might I add. Maxi dresses are very popular around this time of year and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple yet elegant way to stay cool. Let’s the air flow as my husband would say. No matter what your style, there is bound to be a maxi dress for you. I live in them in the summer, they have really helped with the pregnancy. I don’t look like a whale in one! Success! I actually look pregnant! Yay go me!


The Queen Of Style!


  • Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho

As a tea lover it pains me to drink tea in the summer sun, I feel like I am in my own private sauna. So my attention turns to iced tea! Much more refreshing than a hot mug of hellfire to keep you hydrated. With a selection of flavours I never get bored with drinking this stuff, especially Liptons. It’s my favourite. Of course I limit myself and don’t go mad as it contains sugar but it’s so lush! I also drink a lot of flavoured water such as Volvic Lemon and Lime. My thirst is instantly quenched when I pour myself a cold glass of the stuff. TASTY!


My son also loves these drinks and we have started making our own smoothies together too. Gets him his five a day and we have fun with it. Our favourite one to make is bananas and figs, showed to us by the amazing Jo-Jo. Thank you! Delicious! I strongly suggest you try this with your little ones if you haven’t already. It can get messy but trust me, it’s worth it. Get creative while being healthy at the same time. Nommy!



  • Down Where It’s Wetter Take It From Me!

Get your filthy dirty mind out of the gutter please! I am not talking about down there. I am simply singing Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. Yes, really I was.
Until we invest in a paddling pool for Cabbit (sometime soon!) we have been making our own little water world in the garden. Simply fill up bowls, jugs, any type of containers with water and let your child go crazy! They love it. Simply fascinates them. I usually put out a few of his toys as well and he makes them go on an underwater adventure or just splashes them about.


I sometimes give him a clean paint brush to do some water painting with. He draws shapes on the ground or washes the back door. He’s very much into his art our son so I encourage it as much as possible. Grows his imagination and let’s him be creative in his own way.


He also has a little water pistol that we have water fights with, a fun and great way to fight off the dreaded heat. Nothing fancy, just a simple little water pistol. It still amazes me how quickly he picks things up. Five seconds after being given it he was squirting me in the face and laughing maniacally. I do love him.



  • The Cold Never Bothered Me Away

I really, really want to burst into song right now. Just to be annoying. “Let it g….” Ok, ok I won’t. I actually put Frozen on yesterday in the hopes it would make me feel cold. It didn’t. It just made me cry at the fact that we don’t have any snow! Anyway. Ice lollies are a godsend in the summer. And cheap, not to mention tasty. You can pick up a load at Tesco or Sainsbury’s for £1. They are so refreshing and are fun for kids too. Our son loves them. It can be a struggle to eat ANYTHING in this weather, yet a cold ice lolly from the fridge is perfection on a stick. We go for Calippos, Space Rocket Lollies, Twisters, all sorts.

tumblr_nsxlkbv6SD1qjoiero1_500.jpgWe even make our own, you can experiment with different flavours, add bits of fruit, anything you like. Just because it’s hot and you’re dying in the heat doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun out of it.



So those are some of my top tips for keeping cool this summer. I hope you enjoy and they help you survive this heatwave that is sweeping our beloved Britain. However you decide to spend your summer, make sure you are safe from the sun and don’t overcook yourself in the garden. Nothing smells worst than burned flesh. Imagine that as a fragrance? Ergh. Sounds like a Demon’s or vampire’s fragrance line. Although that’s probably the last thing they would want to smell of. Because you know, vampires burn in the sunlight. Unless you’re from twilight…urghhh NO! Take your sparkly-sparkly elsewhere please. Ok I’m rambling!

I had to be pregnant around summer time! HA! Typical me. But I can’t wait till Mogwai is born. Not just because my face and body will no longer be a public waterpark for my sweat but because I can’t wait to meet him and show him the world. Also teach him to hiss at the sun on days like today. So far it has worked with Cabbit! *hiss*

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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