Mummy And Son Adventures (25 Weeks Pregnant)

With the weather being its beautiful sunny self lately, Cabbit and I have been spending nearly every day outside. I love spending time with my boy, even though he can push my buttons, but then again he is our son and it is kind of his job to dive us crazy. Everyday he’s learning about the world we live in and I love that his father and I are a part of that. I really enjoy our little adventures together. We load up on supplies like a picnic and sent off to discover a new magical creature or a secret land that has been lost for centuries. Adventure is out there!


I have always enjoyed being outside, hearing the birds singing as the trees sway to their tune while the breeze attempts to dance with my hair. It’s beautiful. Just breathing it all in and watching the world go by. It sets my mind at ease if I’m having a crappy day and helps me de-stress from the annoyances that life brings. If I could I would spend all day outside writing, drinking iced tea and watching bunnies hop about. Well, I kind of do that but don’t. Looking after our son does take up a lot of my time; correction, ALL of my time.



I love my son’s imagination. A twig can be anything from a sword to a magical wand which he will cast spells from at unarmed bugs nearby. Next door’s cat is a tiger that can fly! The list is endless. A child’s mind is so creative and it fascinates me every day.



I spend every day with our son (being a full-time mum does allow me this luxury) so I try to find new ways to keep us both entertained. One of our favourite pastimes is to wander into town, browse charity shops, sometimes grab a cheeky Starbucks and then head to the park. We can spend hours in the park, playing, making new friends or just chilling. Our adventures together bring me so much joy and I will treasure these days for as long as I live. I still can’t believe that my husband and I brought this amazing child into our lives. It baffles me and melts my heart. Sorry, getting cheesy I know!

Our relationship is that of mother and son but also best friends. I often hear a lot of negativity towards parents who are best friends with their children. That it’s wrong or you can’t do it. Well each to their own. I will always be his mother but I am also his friend. It is possible to be both. I will always be there for him, listen to him and support him no matter what. Not because I have to but because I want to. I love being his mother. I am so ridiculously proud of him and love his little personality. He has a wicked sense of humour and an awesome laugh. I really hope as he grows we will still have a strong relationship and he will know that he can talk to me about anything. I hope to have this with all my children. There will be difficult times like slamming doors and moody outbursts but I hope they will know that I am always here for them.


I have uploaded a new vlog about one of our adventures together! Check it out below! Enjoy!

Right, I am off to top-up my hair in all its purpleness! We have a busy day tomorrow! Taking Uncle Sheldon out for his birthday treat! Excited!

Have a relaxing evening!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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