Is being a protective parent a bad thing? (24 weeks pregnant)

Wow it’s hot! I mean it’s really, really hot! As I have said many times before; I love the sun but hate the heat as I turn into a big sweaty puddle of ew. Not pleasant. Even more so when I am carrying a little someone around 24/7. I cannot believe how big I have gotten so quickly! They do say that in the second pregnancy you get bigger quicker but AH! That was quick! I feel like every single item of clothing I own is ten times too small for me. So depressing but have to keep reminding myself it’s not forever and that as soon as Mogwai is born I can kick-start my bunny bum into exercising again. However I feel like I will get my fair share of exercise running around after two boys all day. AH!


This week I have been asking myself if I am too protective when it comes to my son. Do I wrap him up in bubble wrap too much in fear of him getting hurt? Possibly, but I don’t know. It’s hard to say to be honest as when it comes to your children, you are the best judge of what’s best for them. I let him do a lot of things most parents raise an eyebrow to but when it comes to his safety, I am like a lioness. You do not want to cross me when I am in that mode. I would kill for my son.


We were at the park the other day and it happened to be when the teachers were on strike. This meant it was busier than normal. Something that can be a pain in the butt with a toddler as older children have a nasty habit of playing football or riding their bikes around when it clearly says not to. This is in the play area with the swings and slides. So there is always a constant fear of Cabbit running out in-front of a bike at full speed and getting knocked down. Thankfully this hasn’t happened yet but we tend to avoid the busier parks when school’s out. I can not cope having a heart attack every five seconds. I don’t understand it myself as there is so much room outside the park to cycle and play ball.

Anyway. There was a lot of children about, mostly young toddlers which is lovely for Cabbit as he is such a friendly little boy. I have no problem there. If anything I encourage it to help with his social skills and communication. What really surprised me was the lack of safety the children had. There was a little group of them (around ten I estimate) and only two women watching. It was clear that it was a nursery outing of sorts but the amount of times the women turned their backs and lost some of the children made me feel sick. I completely understand that they don’t have eyes in the back of their heads but surely they should have had a few more members of staff helping keep an eye on these free roaming monsters? There was this little girl about the same age as Cabbit playing on the big twirly slide and kept nearly falling off it because she kept stopping halfway down it and leaning as far over the edge as she could (at about five foot in the air). My husband was terrified she was going to break something. The two women had their backs turned the whole time and didn’t check on her until before we left. Now, when Cabbit goes to the park I don’t stick to him like a shadow, I hover a few feet back and give him space. I let him explore and play but I never turn my back on him. In today’s world it’s just too dangerous at such a young age. Well, at any age really. We noticed that a lot of people come in and out of the park and they could easily just pick your child up if you’re not watching and walk out. It’s a horrible thought but it does happen. You can not be ignorant to it, this is your child’s safety we are talking about. There is no harm in watching them like a hawk. I would never forgive myself if I looked away or had my back turned and Cabbit had been snatched. I give him a bit of distance but I don’t ignore him or let him out of my sight. Until he is at an age where he knows not to wander off alone or go off with strangers, I will be there. He is only 2 and a half years old, I can’t expect so much of him at this age. Cabbit has a lot of freedom and I am a very chilled parent. His safety is something I will not risk, it’s just too dangerous to do. I wouldn’t say I’m strict on it, just a mother. In answer to my question; is being a protective parent a bad thing? No, hell no it isn’t. You want the best for your children and being protective is a natural thing. Just don’t try to control them when they are older or not support them. They will not appreciate that, trust me.


I am off to relax with the family after a long day. We brought Mogwai’s first outfit today! So excited! Only a few more months and he will be here! YAY! Check it out below! It’s so awesome!!!


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