Oh The Cravings! (Week 17)

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all well and enjoying a cuppa with a sweet, sugary, doughy, doughnut! I could really go for a doughnut right now! Jam, cream, custard! Any kind just a doughnut! My apologies. My cravings keep taking over and filling my mind with food! Glorious food!


One of the many known facts about pregnancy is the cravings. Oh the cravings! They can be utter bliss at times. While at others a complete and utter chocolatey sticky gooey nightmare. With my last pregnancy I craved things I knew I wasn’t allowed. There is a list of certain foods you can’t or shouldn’t consume while pregnant. For example, runny egg yolk. I love my egg and solders (Yes I am a child) the yolk is the best part! I just love dipping fresh white buttered bread into the gooeyness and watching it pour. A strange satisfaction for me and it tastes like my childhood, delicious and comforting. You also can’t eat raw fish so any type of sushi is a big fat no no. I love, love sushi! I may not be a master at the chopsticks but it’s divine and I could practically live on the stuff. It’s so cruel but completely worth it to avoid these foods while pregnant. Risk of food poisoning and such is not a good thing in any case, especially while pregnant. It’s just torture walking past YoSushi and getting a whiff of that beautiful smell that takes me to food heaven.


I love my food and feel so shame in admitting it, but when I’m pregnant, sometimes that’s all I think about. Food. Food. Oh beautiful Food. It’s strange really because for the first month or so I could’t stomach any type of food. Morning sickness was my horrible friend leeching off me every day, making me gag at everything. Yet now I just want to eat and eat! Must hold self back and have self-control! Do not want to end up the size of a whale although my husband would say I would be a cute whale.

Below is a list of my cravings, most pretty normal really. Well, I like to think they are. I have’t eaten everything on this list by the way, just craved and dreamed about it.

Cravings So Far Throughout Second Pregnancy

  • Sushi
  • Egg and soldiers
  • Walkers Crisps (Any flavour)
  • Eclairs
  • Doughnuts
  • Rice pudding
  • Macaroni and cheese on a pizza
  • Nacho Cheese on a hot dog
  • Clotted Cream
  • Cheese burgers!
  • gherkins
  • spicy pepperami

Let me know in the comments below if you have had any strange or even normal cravings while pregnant. Would love to hear about them…. And possibly even try a few!

I am off to make dinner for the family! Have a relaxing evening whatever you are getting up to!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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