I’m Pregnant! Again!

Hello dear readers! It has indeed been a while since I have sat my bunny butt down and blogged. Reasons for that being personal family matters. Things are still up in the air and all over the place but as the annoying saying goes, “Life goes on.” Our lives at the moment can pretty much be described as one of Charles Dickens’ novels, Hard times. However for now, let me share with you something that is a most unexpected journey.


I’m pregnant! Yes, I am pregnant for a second time. Shocked? Hubby and I were as we knew we wanted more children but given our specific situation we did not expect another little family member for a while. But low and behold life has an ironic joke on you at the best of times.


You can just tell when something’s different with your body. You can’t explain it but you just know, you know? I was right and this time I didn’t think it was a stomach ulcer. I felt odd, started being very sensitive to smells, felt a tight pulling sensation on my c-section scar and felt constantly bloated. Husband always teases me saying I’m pregnant and this time he was right. As the word pregnant flashed up on the Clear Blue test, I cried. I cried for joy and fear. Joy because I was having another child with the man I love and Cabbit was going to be a big brother. Fear because of my traumatic experience giving birth last time. However this time I know what to expect should I have to have another c-section. I won’t be unprepared and will fully expect that it may have to go that way. For any of my children to come out alive and heathy, I will put myself through it because it’s totally worth it. I don’t care how much pain or stress my body will go though, I will do it willingly. I feel a hell of a lot stronger this time around. I have a loving and supportive husband who has stood by me through it all. He has seen me at my worst and he’s still here! I think he’s mad, but I love him.


There are a few things that are different with this pregnancy. For one, I have suffered with morning sickness day and night. Why don’t they just call it pregnancy sickness or something because it’s never ever just in the morning! I also keep going off certain foods. One week I will hate chocolate, the next I am craving it like Augustus Gloop! I also keep having dizzy spells at the oddest of times. For example the midwife was taking my blood at our first appointment and after she was done I nearly passed out. Was such a strange feeling as I have never felt like that before with needles. The amount of routine blood test and injections you get given while pregnant you become so used to it. I can’t watch the needle going in so always look away. I honestly can’t really feel the needle going in at times as my pain tolerance has gone up since Cabbit’s birth. A bonus at times as when I got my eyebrow pierced I felt nothing and plan on having a tattoo at some point. Thankfully my midwife is amazing and reassured me that it happens as the body is going through so much stress. Hormones and blah blah. Basically each pregnancy is different, the body is a strange fascinating thing that surprises you in ways you thought it could not. We human beings are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

I can already feel flutters that will soon be turning into kicks and we have had our first scan. Mogwai, our nickname for baby number two is very healthy but doesn’t like having it’s photo taken, much like his/her father. He/She kept moving away, in the end they made me jump up and down to get baby moving. Husband of course was pissing himself laughing at the situation but after a while Mogwai came into view. Such an emotional feeling seeing this tiny baby inside me. It’s remarkable that I am growing another human life, that my body is catering to all of Mogwai’s needs naturally. Creating life is so beautiful and seeing your child on that screen for the first time really melts you. It reminds you what’s important in life, love and family. We go back in a few weeks to find out if Mogwai is a boy or girl. I feel like Mogwai might be a girl and so does everyone else but if it’s a boy I will be just as happy.


Right, I am off to drink some tea and edit some videos for husband of his final performance at university. Very proud of him! I am aiming to try to blog once a week again and sometimes maybe twice. We shall see how it goes. Have a lovely evening and remember, EAT CAKE! I could really go for some lemon cake right now or carrot because I am a bunny.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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