Cabbit’s 2nd Birthday!

WOW! When did that happen? I mean really? He’s two already? That’s scary! Like really, really scary. One minute I am cuddling our tiny bundle of love in the hospital and the next we are having lightsaber battles with him before a tea party with Darth Vader who has a dilemma, he is secretly in love with Miss Piggy but is engaged to Dinosaur! Oh the drama!

But I would’t have it any other way. He has to grow up, he can’t be a baby forever which make these moments with him now like stardust, magical and extremely rare. Before I know it he will be moaning about how he hates his life and slamming doors and then asking for money to go the pub to get drunk with his friends. It’s normal, we all go through it. I think?

Anyway, for his birthday we decided to go to Brighton because I have NEVER been! I know it’s crazy but these things happen. It was a fantastic day, beautiful weather, lovely company and tons of discovery! Cabbit loved it! He kept wanting to touch all the fish and squealed when they swim over his head. It amazed him and melted my heart at how fast he’s continuing to learn about the world around him.

I of course, being the camera that I am filmed and took photos of the day. Below is two videos, one of the Sea Life Centre and the other of our journey around Brighton Pier. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I am off to do a bit of reading and relax before the boy wakes up from his nap.It has been a busy Sunday. I hope you are all enjoying today and are feeling awesome for just being you.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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