13 Hours In A&E

For some unknown bizarre reason, cups of tea in hospital taste like the most amazing thing in the world. Maybe it is because you are out of your comfort zone surrounded by strangers and something so normal like a cup of tea makes you feel at home. There’s just something about it. The first time I experienced this was after I had given birth to our son. The second was the other day. A mad random night of events.


For the past week I have been feeling a little dizzy and my right leg keeps going wobbly, like I have forgotten how to walk. I put this down to the heat. It was only on Sunday night when I collapsed that me and the hubby were concerned enough to go to A&E. I had to go alone as it wouldn’t be fair on my husband or son to wait on me in the middle of the night. Boy am I glad they went home because what should have been a couple of hours turned into 13 hour-long excruciating nightmare.

A&E was packed, I was lucky to find a seat. Once I was finally seen, the doctor did a number of tests as they wanted to be sure that whatever was happening wasn’t serious. It was a horrific experience as half the time they wouldn’t tell me what was happening; I kept asking and asking but all I got was “We have to do some tests” Yes, I know that but what sort? AGHHH it was scary as I was being wheeled off all around the hospital and taken to the wrong ward. Once they had done enough tests to their satisfaction, they finally took me to the correct ward and wired me up to a heart monitor to check my heart.

I felt like I was lying in that bed forever, hearing other patient’s problems and the never ending beeps from the machine. I felt so alone. All I wanted was my husband and son by my side but knew they were better off at home. My blood pressure was taken every few hours and I had a drip digging into my arm. I seriously hate these things with a passion! They hurt like hell whenever you move your hand and make me feel sick. Once the doctors had collected enough data they ran through the results with me, everything clear. They discovered that the problem was an inner ear infection that can play with your balance, making you feel like you are on a ship is the best explanation I can give. They gave me some tablets monitored me for a few more hours before deciding that I could go home. I couldn’t be happier. I was terrified that something could be seriously wrong, but nope just my stupid ears. Saying that, I am glad I went in because collapsing on the floor is not a normal thing is it.

So for the past few days I have been dosed up on my meds and trying to feel normal. It’s getting there, if I still feel like this in a week I am to go to my GP.Oh the joy!

Oh I feel like a drama queen but I am just so grateful that nothing is seriously wrong. Thinking something is wrong is the worst part because you can’t get it out of your head; you just keep wondering and worrying. I am my own worst enemy at times. I need to breathe and calm. Be calm like the little furry cat.

On another note I found this the other day and I just LOVE IT!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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4 Responses to 13 Hours In A&E

  1. Oh wow. I am so glad you are okay!
    I understand the ears thing. It’s a normal thing to me though but even so it’s terrifying.

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