The Day We Saw A Red Panda : Our Visit To Marwell Zoo

Hello one and all, I hope you are all doing well and are feeling fabulous, because you are.

My family and I had an amazing weekend as we were lucky enough to get to go to Marwell Zoo! We love, love, love Red Pandas and when we discovered that there are about 18 zoos in the UK that have them we went straight on the internet to find our nearest one. As good old Mr. Luck would have it the closest one was Marwell Zoo, which is in Winchester, so as you do we hopped down there double bunny time.

So far in my life I have been to a good few zoos but Marwell Zoo has to be by far the best! Not just because of the Red Pandas but because they have tons of other animals that are just as amazing such as Giraffes, Pygmy Hippopotami, and White Rhinoceros. The beautiful surroundings the animals are enclosed in are pleasing to the eye and you definitely get a lot of exercise walking around. There is a tractor train that goes round the park so if you have tried little ones or disabled people with you they can still enjoy the Zoo without having to worry about getting around.

After paying to get in and picking up a map of the Zoo, we explored where we met penguins, giraffes, capybara, tigers, snow leopards…I could go on. They have a ton of animals as any zoo would but these animals are simply just gorgeous creatures.


My favourite part of the whole day has to be seeing the Red Panda Mei-Mei. She was breath-taking and so, so beautiful. Her red fur was bright in the sunlight and just highlighted how truly magnificent these animals are.  I also loved seeing the pygmy hippo happily splashing about in the water; Cabbit was fascinated by it too and kept saying hello to them.


I could go on and on about how wonderful Marwell Zoo is but why don’t you see for yourself in my Youtube video. I really enjoy filming animals and taking photos. I would love it even more if I could film them in the wild but I think Africa and other countries are a bit too far to go at the moment. (I could be Mary-Ann, my husband could be Nigel and Cabbit could be Donny!!)


Overall I’d say it was a perfect day out with the family. So many memories made and I feel just ecstatic from having seen a Red Panda. It has made me so happy! Not felt this happy in a while with everything that has happened. It does the soul good to get out and be in nature with loved ones. Getting out helps I think, takes our minds of things and reminds us to enjoy life’s little moments.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle.

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